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Website translation: your global cover letter

Website translation
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Websites have become a powerful tool for companies, organizations and individuals to communicate, promote their products or services, and interact with their audience. However, to reach a global audience, it’s vital to be able to offer an experience in the user’s native language. This is where the translation of websites plays a crucial role. In today’s blog we’ll tell you about the key points of website translation and the benefits of relying on a great, specialized agency.

The importance of website translation

These days, if you don’t have an online presence you don’t exist. A website is much more than just a business card; it’s a key part of your business which allows you to reach a global audience, showcase your products and services, interact with consumers, and establish a solid brand image.

And the reality is that 75% of clients say that they prefer to buy in their native language. Overcoming the linguistic barriers between you and the user doesn’t just bring you closer to them, it also shows professionalism, commitment, and quality.

In short, translating websites matters for your brand and your target market; with a good translation you’ll ensure that the user experience is converted into sales and loyalty.

Key elements of website translation

When translating a website, it’s vital to take into account all the elements which make it up. A specialized translation agency will provide you with professionals who bear these elements in mind:

  1. Content of the site: This includes all the texts on the website, like the body text, banners, descriptions, buttons, links etc. Every detail of the message, text or description must be translated into the target language without losing its original meaning.
  1. URLs: The URLs have to be adapted to the target language to make it easier to navigate and understand the content. They are a fundamental part of your online accessibility, and for Google they’re a fundamental requirement for giving your website a good ranking.
  1. Structure of the website: On the other hand, it’s important to ensure that the structure of the website is still logical and coherent after being translated. From the written content to the visual part of your images, it must contain a precise and high-quality translation. 
  1. Products and services: If the website offers products or services, it is essential to translate their names, descriptions, characteristics, technical specifications and another other relevant information. This will allow users to fully understand what’s on offer and make informed purchases.
  1. Privacy policy and terms and conditions: In legal parts like this, precision is key. They have to comply with the regulations and expectations of the target language. Privacy and the protection of personal data are critical aspects online, so ensuring that these documents are clear and understandable is crucial.
  1. Images and graphics: If there are any images, graphics, or illustrations on the website, it’s important to consider whether it’s necessary to translate or adapt them. In some cases, it may be enough to provide descriptions or alternative labels in the target language so that users can understand their content, and in other cases the image’s ALT description is vital for creating a website with quality and coherence. 
  1. Interactive elements: If the website contains forms, questionnaires, action buttons or any other interactive element, it is important to adapt them to the target languages. This includes confirmation messages, error messages and any text relating to user interaction.
  1. SEO and keywords: When translating a website, it’s also crucial to bear in mind keywords and search engine optimization (SEO) in the target language. This involves looking into the keywords which are relevant to the target audience and adapting them to the translated content. 

* If you want to delve deeper into this point, at blarlo our free guides will tell you about SEO translation and help you to understand this aspect, which is fundamental for your online business.

The benefits of relying on a specialized translation agency

There are many benefits a specialized translation agency can provide. Relying on experts in the sector means you can always be sure of a careful and precise translation. 

Some of the benefits are: 

  1. Specialized, native knowledge of the source language
  2. Quality and precision of the translation 
  3. Cultural adaptation of the texts and localization
  4. Consistent terminology 
  5. Translations delivered on time and confidentially 
  6. Improved user experience

We know that each project can have additional specific requirements, so we recommend working in close cooperation with professional translators or translation agencies specialized in website localization to ensure a complete and high-quality translation. At blarlo, our translators, as well as being native speakers, are also experts in the digital field. And thanks to an agency like ours, your business will grow around the world. 

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Français (French) Nederlands (Dutch) Deutsch (German)