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What should you translate on your online clothing store?

Translate your online clothing store
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If you have an online clothing store, then you have a gateway to all corners of the world. The fashion industry is a leading sector in our country, and one of the most powerful industries in existence. Additionally, the Spanish brand has become an international benchmark in this sector. Major companies such as Inditex and Mango have made the rest of Europe and parts of the world take notice of what we’re doing in the textile industry. And, no matter how small your store is, it’s something that can benefit you.

How to take Spanish fashion abroad

Just before the pandemic, almost 3% of our country’s GDP depended directly on the fashion industry. Similarly, there is a framework of jobs depending on it. In recent years, projections have not stopped growing, and a very positive development is that the business model you adopt does not interfere with your opportunities at all. In other words: both fast fashion and a more sustainable and ecological approach can coexist internationally. How can this be explained?

Primarily, it is thanks to the advantages of globalizing your company, namely:

  • A much wider potential audience. Obviously, with a larger potential market size you will have higher possibilities of sales. Expanding your audience from Spain to Europe can bring about an important increase; and if carried out well it will result in a greater volume of sales.
  • Ease of finding a target market that identifies with your values. Today, we don’t only speak about one consumer profile. There will be people seeking style, others focusing on price, and others will be buying as a political or protest action. Regardless of what your brand’s values are, today it is very easy to find a target market that will support them. Even more so if you globalize your audience.
  • It allows you to enter markets that aren’t so crowded. There could be small market segments in some countries that you can enter easily. Such opportunities could be very lucrative.

What do you need to translate on your online store?

As you may expect, one of the main tools you have when it comes to accessing new international markets is your website. Therefore, it is essential that you take care of it properly. Bear in mind that, when targeting audiences in other countries, you will have to mainly focus on two factors: your target market and search engines.

What should you translate for your customers?

The text on your website should be translated into a language that the new audience you want to reach will understand. Your product descriptions, your brand’s messages, your blog… Remember that, as buyers, they will be interested in knowing who you are and what you do. They will also want to find out about what they’re buying and what terms you’re offering them.

An important point to note here is the need for the translation to be correct, with a native level in the target language. Imagine this: you’re browsing the internet looking for a product and you end up in the e-commerce site of a brand from another country; you discover that the text is poorly written, disjointed, and there are sentences that don’t make a lot of sense. Be honest, would you buy anything from that website? The answer is probably “no”. Therefore, it is essential that the translation is done by professionals who can make every text perfect – so that users have total confidence in you.

What should you translate for search engines?

Text is not the only thing that should be translated on a website. URL links, meta elements and all the inner workings of the website must be translated as well. Keep in mind that speaking to a new audience also means dealing with a new environment. And, in this case, the medium is governed by search engines. As such, everything in your SEO strategy should change.

In fact, often it is not enough to simply translate; you also have to redesign your positioning strategy. You should study search engine statistics, choose suitable keywords, etc. This whole process needs to be carried out, on one hand, by technical professionals, and on the other, by translators who can help you adapt to this new environment in the best possible way. Accordingly, the meta elements cannot be left out of this process either.

Should I translate the model of the clothing?

This isn’t something we can answer for you, it will be dependent on your business strategy. Sometimes it will be advisable, and sometimes not.

As you can see, an online clothing store can be very useful for expanding your market. The only thing you will need to do is have a good plan in place and have professionals to help you translate all the text. If you need an experienced company to take care of the latter, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Ask us for advice without any obligations!

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Français (French) Nederlands (Dutch) Deutsch (German)