Companies in the Spanish fashion industry that are going the extra mile

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Companies in the Spanish fashion industry are a perfect example of how taking your business global can help you achieve exponential growth. That said, you will need a team of professional translators by your side. Interested in finding out more? In this blog post, we will tell you which brands clearly demonstrate good approaches and development.

Spain’s leading fashion companies

Here are the textile companies that you cannot miss.


The Galician giant obviously takes first place. Inditex has become an undisputed national reference in Spain and is one of the main brands in international fashion. You can easily find a Zara in the avenues of major capital cities. One of the reasons for this success has been the way in which they have been able to create modern garments at an affordable price. Furthermore, the way they have maintained their growth is due to a powerful network of contacts and good localization of their campaigns in their operating countries.


The Catalonian company, highly specialized in perfumery, has become the fashion company with the second highest turnover in Spain. With a refined and elegant style, they have managed to expand their market from Catalonia to the rest of Spain. It is interesting to note that their communication moved from Catalan to Spanish with notable success and good acceptance among the public. This proves that language is a powerful vehicle for brand growth.


Hawkers manufactures and distributes the most popular Spanish sunglasses. What began as a small project in Valencia has managed to attract the attention of the public thanks to the creators’ aggressive and original advertising campaigns. They are currently present in more than 50 countries. Hawkers demonstrate how localization and translation are key to efficient communication with customers in other places. They knew that to enter and gain a foothold in new markets, their advertising had to be just as surprising and aggressive as the original, and the way to do this was by taking great care with the translation of their ads.


Jewelry and fashion go hand in hand at Tous. This brand has established itself through brand ambassadors, many of whom are in the film industry. This company is also present in more than 60 countries and has managed to build a sales strategy that is not just based on advertising or their products. They have also carried out in-depth offline communication, for example when negotiating for ambassadors.

Pretty Ballerinas

This brand also created a growth strategy based on brand ambassadors and clever product positioning. Pretty Ballerinas’ footwear has been worn by celebrities like Kate Moss and Angelina Jolie, attracting a wide audience. This can be a complicated form of advertising to achieve, given that it requires intense dialogue between the brand and the star. However, thanks to these well-orchestrated influencer campaigns, Pretty Ballerinas has spread across the globe and has a strong presence in many countries.


This brand’s growth story is similar to that of Inditex; Desigual has triumphed thanks to their garments which combine modern design with affordable pricing. It is currently one of the Spanish textile companies with the highest turnover and has a consolidated presence in diverse markets such as Germany, India, and even France. In Desigual’s development, aspects such as localization of their translations have played a key role in allowing them to correctly adapt to cultures in each part of the world.


This is a much more modest company, but one that has been able to make the most of the opportunities presented to them in order to grow. Zubi became well-known after the Paris trade show, and from there it spread to places such as Japan. Their success is due to the right choice of markets, as well as correct localization of their communication in these markets. A perfect example of how important analysis and targeting is.

This is the list of some of the most important Spanish companies in the fashion industry. In all of them, as you have seen, the correct translation of their communication has played a key role in their growth. If you need fashion translation services for your company, we at blarlo are here to help. Get in touch!

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