Crossing Borders with International Content Marketing

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International content marketing is always effective for a company to conquer other markets and attract foreign customers. But do you know what are the most important factors in this way of selling?

International content marketing opens doors to new frontiers

Content marketing without borders is a logical extension of the undoubted success of an effective content strategy. However, for it to be a successful strategy, you must take into account several essential aspects, which we will present below.

It’s not enough to translate the same content into other languages

That’s not how international marketing works. If you have content related to one of your products, translation may be worthwhile, but not if you want to convey your business philosophy or send a specific message to a potential customer.

The segmentation you complete of your clientele in Spain obeys a series of external factors, such as purchasing power or the personal tastes of your typical customer. The success of your content in this country is closely related to speaking to your potential customers in their language.

In each country where you want to promote your business, the tastes, customs and needs of your potential customers will change. In other words, you have to rewrite each piece of content taking into account the factors that surround those who may end up acquiring one of your products.

The importance of the culture of the country in which you want to promote your business

Not all nations use the Internet in the same way or have the same concept of an item or service. Learn to identify the main differences and use them as a starting point to create region-specific content.

Check your SEO

The use of different search engines and a different way of understanding the world has a direct impact on the way in which the content that interests each person is found. Using the same SEO terms in every country is a mistake that you can correct by conducting a detailed study.

See if your content works

Again, if you are promoting a specific product, it is possible that you will generate similar traffic to the same content in Spain. In this sense, content with more specific topics creates engagement and allows you to reap more rewards. Use the corresponding tools to make a comparison between the original and the adapted content to detect possible errors.

Don’t forget other Spanish-speaking countries

Just because they use the same language doesn’t mean you don’t have to include some cultural nuances to make each content more relatable. Keep this in mind.

We hope we have clarified the most important points of international content marketing so that you can put them into practice. Rather than just translating words, it is always better to convey the same message in another language, including references that can be better appreciated by the person who will end up taking you up on your offer. This is the only way to ensure that every piece of content is an open door to new customers.


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