Want to increase your online visibility? Hiring a translation agency can help

Want to increase your online visibility? Hiring a translation agency can help
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When a company has decided to follow an internationalization strategy, having a qualified translation agency is a true need. A presence online is key to communicating with potential international customers.

How do you react when you get to a site with poor quality content that is full of spelling and syntax mistakes? You probably distrust the brand and will decide to move on to one of its competitors. This will happen with users from other countries if your translations are not impeccable.

The online battle is fought on search engines. If you aren’t well positioned, you’ll never stand out over your competition and people won’t notice you. Organic positioning is essential for success, which is why SEO translations are more important now than ever.

Want to increase your online visibility? Hiring a translation agency can help

SEO translation agencies

Professional translators must be SEO experts. Only translations that are true to the original content and strengthen the original text in terms of organic positioning are considered top notch. As you well know, the quality of the published content is determining for search algorithms and search engines.

Translations must apply the principles and criteria that guide SEO. Just transcribing the words is not enough; fluid and coherent texts must be constructed to answer users’ questions and provide them with value.

That is the type of content that search engines reward with top positioning in searches. Content marketing is, thus, not a foreign concept to a good translation agency.

Keyword analysis

Keywords are one of the key elements in the organic positioning process of search engines. These are the expressions that internet users employ when searching for information. Thus, the keywords are sought out by algorithms when deciding what texts are best for a specific user.

Thus, for example, if write in Google, advertising agency in Zaragoza, you’re giving the search engine an idea of what you want to find. Logically, if a text includes those same words in a correct way, the search engine will consider it to be especially relevant for the user in question.

Generally, keywords should be in the hottest spots in the text: the title, the first paragraph, the last paragraph, and a heading or two. But remember: excessive repetition is penalized, so keywords must be used in measure.

How to translate for online positioning

Thoroughness and accuracy are paramount, but content quality is also key. In addition, it is necessary to apply technical criteria in terms of keywords, content distribution, and clarity in writing. Likewise, the readers’ needs and search algorithms must be accounted for.

Why SEO is positioning important

It is not just important, it’s vital. SEO allows us to appear in the first positions in search engines — which is precisely where users look when making buying decisions.

If your company is not well positioned, it literally does not exist. That’s why you shouldn’t skimp and always hire a qualified translation agency with sufficient experience in SEO techniques. Trust the quality service that we offer you at blarlo!

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