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Heart-powered translations
Traducir textos al catalán
Translating Texts into Catalan
In the age of globalization and digital connectivity, translating texts into Catalan has become a necessity for businesses, institutions, and individuals looking to communicate effectively in Catalonia and other Catalan-speaking regions. In...
Traducciones profesionales en Francia
Professional Translations in France
Professional translations in France are available for all languages. In an ever-globalized world, the demand for professional translation services is higher than ever. France, with its rich cultural heritage and important role in European p...
Cualidades esenciales de un traductor técnico
Essential Traits for Technical Translators
There are essential qualities in technical translators that all translation professionals should have. Technical translation has become a vital necessity for businesses that operate in different countries and need to convey technical inform...
Traducir euskera
Translating Spanish to Basque: 2024 Definitive Guide
Translating Spanish to Basque always requires professionals that are able to guide you through the process. Don’t worry—this definitive guide will outline the steps so you know exactly how to achieve an accurate translation. If you run ...
Cuanto cuesta traducir documentos
How much does it cost to translate a document?
Determining how much it costs to translate a document depends on several factors. Whether they’re business, legal, academic, or personal documents, it’s crucial for translations to be accurate and reliable. However, the price of the ser...
Los idiomas mas dificiles del mundo
What are the most difficult languages in the world?
Determining the most difficult languages in the world is a complex task. In this article, we’ll embark on a journey through some of the most difficult languages in the world, exploring their characteristics and discovering what makes them...
Traducir un PowerPoint
PowerPoint presentations can also be translated
Translating PowerPoints has become an essential tool for sharing ideas, informing different audiences, and presenting projects in professional and academic settings. However, when it comes to presenting content on an international level, it...
beneficios de aprender idiomas
The Benefits of Learning New Languages
The benefits of learning new languages are immeasurable. Languages can open up countless possibilities, both in terms of your career and any international opportunities that may come along. In today’s article, we’ll explore the many adv...
Traducir documentos del catalán al español
Translating documents from Catalan into Spanish
Translating documents from Catalan into Spanish can encompass a wide variety of texts, from commercial contracts and legal documents to technical manuals, websites, academic articles and much more. Each type of document presents its own par...
Traducir tu pagina con inteligencia artificial
Translating your website using artificial intelligence?
It may seem like translating your website using artificial intelligence may be the quickest and simplest path, but the reality is that it is not without its problems. Translating websites using artificial intelligence (AI) is an increasingl...
Principales frases hechas en catalán
Top idiomatic expressions in Catalan
Idiomatic expressions in Catalan are an important part of the Catalan language and culture. Keeping this type of element in mind when writing a novel or other content, or even when having conversations in Catalan, can be key to correctly lo...
Traducción de subtítulos
Translating subtitles
Translating subtitles turns your vision into a tangible reality, opening up endless possibilities for your brand, your message and your audience. Forget about linguistic barriers and expand your reach to new international markets. Enable th...
Specialized translation servicies
The importance of specialized translation services
Specialized translation services are here to break languages barriers that can often be a significant obstacle for business success and effective communication. Whether in the commercial, legal, medical, or tech fields, the ability to commu...
How to create a shortcut for a website
Find out how to create a shortcut for a website
Today, more and more professionals need to use a computer to do their job. In turn, this implies the need for optimized workflows to improve performance. In this context, knowing how to create a shortcut for a website on your desktop can be...
We translate websites in Bilbao
We translate websites in Bilbao
Website translation is one of the most sought-after services in Bilbao for businesses or professionals looking to expand internationally. But do you know why it’s so important to take care of the text on your website? Do you want to estab...
Translation company in Barcelona
Translation company in Barcelona
In this post, we’d like to tell you a little more about our translation company in Barcelona and the multilingual services it offers. Our team of expert Catalan translators are at the forefront of our mission to provide professional trans...
Trends in the tourism industry
Trends in the tourism industry
Over the past few years, the tourism industry has undergone significant change. The latest technologies, shifts in mindset, and the emergence of new tourism models have contributed to the sector’s evolution. So, let’s delve into the key...
Keys for good financial management
Keys for good financial management
Financial management is very much a strategic department that can determine a company’s chances of success or failure. Just think that, at the end of the day, it’s this team that calls the shots when it comes to financial decisions. So,...
The gaming era
The Gaming Era
You may not know it, but gaming has become one of the most sought-after employment trends among young people. A new market is emerging with a huge potential for profitability. If you want to learn how to make the most of this opportunity an...