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Heart-powered translations
Keys in Business Administration and Finance
Keys in Business Administration and Finance
Administration and finance are particularly sensitive and relevant areas in a company. This is why it is essential to give them the attention they need and work on them from all possible angles. In this post, we want to give you a few key p...
International events of 2024
The most important international events of 2024
International events are the perfect example to prove that translators and interpreters are more essential than ever before, whether to communicate what’s going on or to establish dialogues among participants all around the world. This is...
SEO strategy with translation
Boost your SEO strategy with translation
Having a good SEO strategy is essential for companies that sell their products online to attract a high volume of traffic and sales. That being said, it’s not enough to simply have a department that takes care of your SEO positioning; you...
Upcoming technology trends
Upcoming technology trends
Technology trends have the potential to drastically influence how every single sector operates and evolves. Given that they are a natural change you ought to adapt to, we’ve written this post to let you in on the trends that are emerging ...
Blockchain business applications
Blockchain business applications
Companies are constantly finding ways to implement new technologies. Their value is key when it comes to boosting productivity and achieving business goals. Blockchain is one of the technologies that seek to make a change and a real differe...
business innovation
What is business innovation?
Business innovation is what, in many cases, determines the success and growth of businesses. It is centered around a culture or mentality of implementing changes that improve workflow processes and task management in a company. These change...
The Latest Technology Trends
The Latest Technology Trends
Technology trends are taking the world by storm and, along with it, the corporate sector. If you don’t want these advances to catch you by surprise, listen carefully to what we tell you in this article. You’ll learn about the leading t...
Sustainable business
The importance of sustainable companies
Sustainable companies are currently in the spotlight. In fact, there seems to be a model shift in the business sector, prioritizing much more eco-friendly attitudes that respect the environment. Let’s take a look at what this mentality en...
Meme Marketing
What is meme marketing?
Meme marketing has become one of the most prominent content creation strategies. First popularized as content that users would share freely amongst themselves, today it has transformed into an essential component in many companies’ social...
Keys to business success
Keys to business success
Business success does not depend on luck, although it can sometimes play a part. The truth is, certain patterns can be identified in every brand that has achieved significant growth. If you’re hoping to head in the same direction, keep on...
Sustainable tourism
What is sustainable tourism?
The concept of sustainable tourism is becoming more and more relevant worldwide, especially in heavily-visited countries like Spain. Some cities and regions in Spain are going through a process of gentrification that can make life difficult...
Trends in big data
Trends in Big Data
Big data has become one of the greatest technological advances of this millennium. There are also an array of trends within this field that can have an impact on companies. Here, we explain its main characteristics and what kind of future c...
Digital Transformation for Businesses
Digital Transformation for Businesses
The concept of digital transformation continues to have a widespread impact on the business world. But do you really know what it means? It’s undeniable that technology is changing the world. It can, however, pose a barrier for certain se...
Translate digital servicies
Why should you translate your digital services?
More and more businesses are specializing in providing digital services to third parties. In such a technological context like the one we live in, it makes sense for this to be a dominant trend in the market. But limiting your digital busin...
Advice for Young Entrepreneurs
Advice for Young Entrepreneurs
The world is in the hands of young entrepreneurs who are learning how to shape their ideas into reality. But the journey ahead of them is long and difficult. It’s helpful for them to take advice and have an action plan to guarantee growth...
Translation Agencies in Barcelona
Translation Agencies in Barcelona
You likely already know that translation agencies in Barcelona are an important part of the Catalan economy. We work with many brands that want to engage with a Catalan audience, and to do this they use the Catalan language. This is why we ...
Tourist experience
How to Improve the Tourist Experience
The tourist experience is made up of all the feelings, emotions, and impressions that travelers have during a trip. It includes everything: their accommodation, the activities they do, and how easy they find it to communicate their needs to...
Les nouveaux défis des agences de traduction
The latest challenges for translation agencies
In the past few years, translation agencies have had to face several challenges that have increased competition within the market. However, instead of threatening our way of working, the situation has transformed professionalism into a valu...
Hiring a translation agency
Why hire a translation agency?
Have you ever wondered why you should hire a translation agency? While many companies may see these services as avoidable expenses, reality proves that they are very profitable investments. If your goal is to grow in the long term, this is ...
Translation with ChatGPT
Translation with ChatGPT
Translation with ChatGPT is now a reality, although it’s not without its problems and complications. The issue at hand is determining the degree to which it’s useful in each project. In this article we will explain some of ChatGPT’s a...
Spanish companies listed on the IBEX 35
Spanish companies listed on the IBEX 35
It’s never a bad idea to look at the biggest brands to spot trends and include them in your own business project. So, here’s a rundown of the IBEX 35-listed companies to get an idea of the industries they’re in, their turnover and the...
Where to get certified copies of your documents
Where to get certified copies of your documents
In both business and personal procedures, it is common practice to ask for certified copies of your documents. In other words, you’ll have to present an identical version of an official document. Now, it’s important to understand that i...