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como se debe traducir un documento de excel de forma eficiente
The difficulties of translating an Excel spreadsheet
If you work for a company that operates across borders, you have probably asked yourself a very legitimate question: How to translate an Excel spreadsheet correctly As we will see, there are different ways to go about it, and not all of the...
Empresa internacional y las barreras a las que se enfrenta como el idioma
Internationalization: barriers to entry for global businesses
Do you know what the barriers to entry for businesses in international markets are? If you want your business to grow and prosper, it would be very useful for you to familiarize yourself with these barriers to entry. Nowadays, the internet ...
Traducción de un proyecto de arquitectura internacional
A major international architectural project
How can an architectural project cross borders? Without a doubt, this seems like a daring and complex feat, but it’s actually easier than it looks. If you have a good idea and a team that supports it, it doesn’t really matter in which c...