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Translating your website using artificial intelligence?

Traducir tu pagina con inteligencia artificial
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It may seem like translating your website using artificial intelligence may be the quickest and simplest path, but the reality is that it is not without its problems. Translating websites using artificial intelligence (AI) is an increasingly popular option for those seeking to translate their content quickly and on a budget. However, have you ever thought about what kind of quality these translations offer? In this article, we will look at the power of specialized translation with AI. 

Automatic translations

Whilst it is true that AI-based automatic translation tools have improved enormously in terms of speed and accessibility, they still have significant limitations when it comes to accuracy and quality. Automatic translations can be useful for getting a general understanding of the text, but they often lack the linguistic and cultural sensitivity needed to produce a truly accurate and natural-sounding translation.

This is where professional translation comes into play. Human translators have a profound understanding of the languages and cultures involved, as well as an ability to capture linguistic nuances and subtleties that machines cannot yet match. Professional translators are also able to adapt the content to the context and the target audience, ensuring effective, authentic communication.

Translating your website with professional translators

Essentially, artificial intelligence has made life easier for us with its speed, but we should never just assume that we are translating content in a way that is sufficiently optimized and localized when using this tool. 

Translating websites is one of the most important specialist services for brands. A good online presence can be attained by providing content to Google, and this will give you an edge over your competitors.

It is for that reason that one of the greatest benefits of professional translation is its ability to provide personalized service that focuses on the customer’s specific needs. Translators can work closely with clients to understand their aims and preferences, and therefore produce translations that accurately reflect the brand’s voice and style.

Professional translators are also able to handle a wide range of documents and topics, from technical and scientific texts to legal and literary documents. Their experience and specialist knowledge enables them to tackle the most complex of projects with reliability and accuracy.

What does a professional translator take into consideration?

A specialized translator will take into account a number of factors:

  1. Context and audience: The translator analyzes the context in which the website will be used in order to understand the audience being targeted. This involves scrutinizing the website purpose, the sector or industry to which the website belongs, and the cultural and linguistic preferences of the target audience.
  2. Consistency and coherence: Maintaining consistency and coherence throughout the translation is vital to ensuring that the user experience is fluid. The translator uses a tone and style that are coherent throughout the website and makes sure that key terms and phrases are translated consistently on every page.
  3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): This involves maintaining the relevance of the keywords and the meta tags in the translation to ensure that the website remains easy to find and can be quickly categorized by search engines in the target language.
  4. HTML code and format: Some websites contain HTML code and format elements that need to be translated carefully to maintain the site’s functionality and design. 
  5. Cultural adaptation: It is important to adapt the website content to the target language’s cultural context. This means avoiding specific cultural references from the source language that will not be understood or misinterpreted by the target audience, as well as adapting images and visual elements to make them culturally relevant.

Combining AI translation with professional translation

Even though AI technology will continue to develop and play an important role in the field of translation, professional translation will remain fundamental to ensuring quality and authenticity in intercultural communication. In a world that is increasingly connected, the ability to communicate accurately and effectively in different languages continues to be an invaluable skill, and professional translators are the gatekeepers of this skill in a world that is driven by technology.

At blarlo, we have developed a specialized translation service that incorporates AI. A tool translates the content in seconds and a native-speaking professional reviews and optimizes the resulting automatic translation. A simple solution for your website content. Simply get in touch, attach your content, and tell us that you’d like to translate it using the professional translation service that incorporates AI. In a matter of minutes, you will receive an optimized quote made specially for you.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Français (French) Nederlands (Dutch) Deutsch (German)