The importance of layout in translation

la importancia de la maquetación en la traducción
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Layout and translation services are among the most common and requested by companies. Translation is of obvious importance, but layout is sometimes overlooked. That’s why we’re going to explain what it is and the main competitive advantages it brings you. In fact, these two services often go hand in hand.

What is text layout?

Essentially, it’s about creating the best possible final text format. It is a task that involves various aspects, such as the font, the visual elements to be placed on each page, etc. Quite a few criteria have to be considered: font size, the use of space etc.

We have to think about the reader and what the final product will look like. It has to be interesting and engaging, as well as easy to read. The original text must be the benchmark and the specific conditions or rules set by the client must be followed. Everything can be formatted: books, magazines, newsletters, etc. The idea remains the same: to make reading much more comfortable, quicker and easier.

Why is it important to pay attention to layout?

Although it seems purely aesthetic, the truth is that, if a text has a good layout, it will be more functional and legible. This is why it’s essential. Here are some of the main reasons:

  • Not all fonts are valid. When choosing a font, some will be darker and some will be lighter. Each one fits with a certain style and aesthetic. Therefore each layout project will have a more appropriate font for the text.
  • The risk of an untidy text. There’s nothing less aesthetically pleasing than a poorly formatted text. Sometimes paragraphs are cut off, one is higher than the other, or has more or less indentation. These kinds of problems are very serious and, visually, drive the reader away from the text. The reader will be more focused on something else. It’s not enough simply to send a text to print, you have to design and prepare its presentation well so that it can be read coherently and with a specific structure: this is what layout can achieve.
  • It may result in a significant loss of investment. If a company pays for texts to be created and translated but the layout is poorly done, it’s practically a waste of money. Why? It will not be read or will not be to the reader’s liking. Therefore the message will not shine through or will be overlooked.

Benefits of Layout services

What benefits, at company or client level, will having a carefully laid-out text bring?

  • Clearer presentation. Whether it’s a book or a small pamphlet, ensuring the information is organized will allow it to be absorbed more easily. You’ll improve the reader’s efficiency by guiding them through your own text and presenting it in a much more aesthetically pleasing way. As a result, it’s more likely that the reader will read everything that’s been written.
  • Improved brand image. Whatever you print, the layout will be key in conveying an image of responsibility and professionalism. In the end, everything that has to do with form is what gives the idea that your brand knows how to work efficiently. The effort behind it will be noticed, which will improve your brand image.
  • You’ll retain your readers’ attention better. By avoiding slips and mistakes you avoid distractions. A good structure and a simple reading guide is how you grab their attention. Using bold, clear, engaging and appropriate-sized font will help you retain your audience’s attention at all times.
  • You can achieve the desired effect. What are you designing and why? Is it an advertising pamphlet that has to grab your target audience’s attention from the get-go? Or is a text with directions or rules that readers will have to understand clearly? Whatever the goal, having a good layout will help you achieve it. So take advantage of layout services to help you achieve your goals.

As a translation and layout company, we fully understand the importance of both aspects of your texts. That’s why we offer professional services so that you can achieve your goals without any mistakes or setbacks. Do you need layout services? Then Blarlo’s got you covered. Contact us so we can work together.

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