The Benefits of Translating Company Social Media Posts

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Translating posts on social media is something that many companies do nowadays to develop their marketing strategies and help them exchange and share information with their users and customers. It is a complex but very useful task, as it allows companies to reach international markets and obtain greater business opportunities.

It’s important for social media translation to be done by a qualified professional with in-depth knowledge of the target language and culture. In this way, social media posts will have a greater impact. Each social network has its own way of doing things, so each text must be flexible to allow for adaptability. Did you know that on Twitter you can only type up to 280 characters and that Instagram has its maximum at 2200?

Benefits of translation in social media

The medium, format and particularity of a social network often complicate the writing of content, hence the importance of a good translator. In the world we live in, where immediacy in the use of information has become a way of life, the content offered should be clear and straightforward. If the message has the right tone, it has greater chances of being shared.

The use of emoticons and hashtags is a strategy to keep in mind when writing a post. A translator must have creative skills to effectively translate the text in different formats without losing the essence of the message. No matter what language they are written in, emojis have become the universal language in social media; using them helps to foster interaction between users and companies.

Machine translations are not useful in these cases. Users who participate intensely and actively in social media are very demanding with the content they share. Texts containing misspelled words or weak translations will be promptly discarded. Moreover, a poorly done job will negatively affect the image of the user, brand or business.

The key to success in the world of social networking is engagement, or in other words, getting messages to reach users and attract them to a brand. The contents published on the Internet must be fresh and relatable. Have you tried condensing a 200-word message into 180 characters? You will understand the complexity of a translator’s job.

Translation companies and quality of service

It is essential that the translation be done, if possible, by a translator who has a perfect understanding of how social media works and knows how to adapt any text to the particularities of LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. If the translation company has quality certificates that prove the reliability of their work, so much the better!

The virtual world has become a very powerful showcase. Companies that wish to broadcast global messages with a high capacity for sharing should rely on the advice of professional agencies to translate their posts on social media. Get your texts translated today!

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