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What is business innovation?

business innovation
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Business innovation is what, in many cases, determines the success and growth of businesses. It is centered around a culture or mentality of implementing changes that improve workflow processes and task management in a company. These changes can add more value to the work being done in the company. We’ll explain how to do this within your own business.

Characteristics of business innovation

Let’s look at some of the factors that determine how innovation may work in a business.

1. Make good use of competitive advantages

In order for you to innovate, you need to understand what is currently working well in your business and build on it. Invest more in what is giving you results.

2. Get to know your client base well.

What is your audience looking for? What can you do to give them something bigger and better? These types of questions will help you improve your services.

3. Monitor your surroundings

You should be vigilant for threats and technological advances that might negatively affect your sector. This way, you’ll stay sufficiently up to date at all times.

4. Keep an eye out for errors

One form of innovation is correction. You should fix things that aren’t working well in your business so that your internal processes run smoothly.

5. Listen to input from your employees

If your businesses contains multiple departments, it’s very likely that employees in each department have ideas for how to do their work faster and better. A new organization model, a different schedule, etc. Support these types of proposals.

Types of business innovation

There are many ways to innovate. Let’s go over some of the most important ones.

Business model

You could, for example, enter new markets to open up your product to other audiences. The idea is to enter into areas that are already related to yours in some way.

Services and products

You can try to improve what you sell. This could be by using technology or new processes: transitioning to e-commerce, reducing wait times, lowering costs, etc.


In the case of workflow processes, one innovation could be externalizing certain services (as long as the result turns out better, of course). You can also optimize meeting times or find new communication systems between parties. It would be a substantial time-saving measure.

Network or communication

How many ways can you be in contact with your audience? You can make a lot of progress if you improve communication between sides. One way of doing that, for example, is by translating your website into other languages. It will allow you to reach new markets and you’ll be able to communicate much more fluently with your audience.

In short, business innovation is a change in the culture and mentality that will help you to adapt as the times change. If you need professional translators for your website, don’t hesitate to call us.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Français (French) Nederlands (Dutch) Deutsch (German)