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International hotels and their linguistic norms

Les hôtels internationaux et leurs normes linguistiques
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International hotels are a sign of prestige. They have the ability to attract people from all over the globe and connect paradisiacal destinations with those eager to see the world. But what makes a hotel an international benchmark? In short, everything depends on having a well-functioning commercial strategy that captures the public’s attention. The key is precisely there, with the public. We’ll tell you all about it.

The importance of language

There exists a cliché that English is the language that everyone can understand, but that’s not the case. Here’s a clear example: across some parts of Spain we find a lot of Japanese tourism, often comprised of retired people. This is a target group that does not have to know (and usually doesn’t) know any English. In order for an establishment to forge tourism links of this type, it is going to need to focus its communication on the Japanese language, no matter what.

This is also the case for the Arab world, as well as many other regions around the globe. Even within Europe there are large amounts of the population who aren’t fluent in English. Therefore, if they see an advert for a hotel and it’s in English, they’re not going to feel confident enough to make a booking there. As we will see below, using language correctly is the key to attracting new customers.

Now, the idea that we want to share with you is the golden rule which will drive the success of the most famous hotels in the world: hotels need to be capable of offering a specialized service to their customers. This involves always speaking to them in their own language, making them feel more comfortable.

A strategy for attracting customers

Let’s go over the situations where it is fundamental to have an efficient translation of the hotel’s corporate communication.

  1. Discovery phase. Advertising in the classic sense: advertisements, publicity, and other options that you can provide in order to make yourself known. Here it is fundamental that your campaigns be carried out in the language of your target audience. If not, it will be much harder to capture their attention.
  2. Contact phase. What happens if you’ve managed to spark their curiosity? Well, here is the moment where the customer will evaluate your offers as well as the availability you have for them. There will then be a time in which customers and hotel managers have to maintain close contact. All of this communication should be in the language of the potential guests. It is necessary to have a well-translated website, as well as a bilingual team.
  3. Sales phase. The moment the reservation is confirmed is also key. Many hotels offer a summary of interesting information: places of touristic interest, activities to do during your stay, etc. This type of information also needs to be correctly translated so that the guests can organize their vacation better.

How to offer a quality service.

Once the guests are at the hotel, it is in the best interests of the company and management to offer them first-class treatment. If they are satisfied, they will recommend the hotel to their friends. The prestige of the business will increase as well, boosting the volume of customers. Therefore, it is essential to provide guests with as many amenities as possible. Make them feel at home and that nothing will be too much effort for them. There are several ways to improve guest´s vacation.

  • The hotel’s own information. From maps to activity sheets, everything needs to be correctly translated so that the guests can comfortably enjoy their stay.
  • Tourist guides. It is very common for hotels to recommend routes and activities, or highlight points of interest in the city or surrounding areas. Having these guides in several languages is important so that all guests can easily choose the touristic activity that they prefer.
  • Communication with staff. Not every worker needs to speak lots of different languages. But it is important to incorporate a team of translators that can clear up any doubts that may arise.

In short, international hotels of quality and prestige succeed for several reasons, one of those being the service which they provide. This should be comfortable, friendly, and decisive. One of the ways to achieve this is through the use of native languages of the public. If you need the services of a team of expert translators, don’t hesitate to contact us!

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Français (French) Nederlands (Dutch) Deutsch (German)