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Translation as a tool for the development of international tourism

Vertaling internationaal toerisme
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In this post we will analyze the role of translation as a tool in the development of international tourism. It’s true that there are institutional or private campaigns aimed at attracting an international audience. However, oftentimes tourist integration in their destination country is not taken into account. We want to explain how translation can be your best ally in this process.

The economic importance of tourism

In Spain, tourism accounts for over 10% of GDP in the best seasons, a figure that is not insignificant. Furthermore, the national territory is beginning to adapt, to welcome different models of tourism: from Mediterranean beach-lovers to tourists seeking peace and mountain hiking.

International travelers are also a huge business niche. For instance, in 2022 there were a total of 72 million travelers who landed in Spain looking for a holiday spot. What kind of tourists were they? Were they all European? Each tourism company develops their own profile, and understands their needs. Undoubtedly, one of their needs is language.

How to create a tourist experience

Spain continues to welcome a diverse international tourist base. This makes having a translation team essential at various points throughout these travelers’ journey. Here are the key points of the journey:

  • Advertising. Obviously, your company’s ad campaign will need to be translated into the target language. Best practice suggests doing this with the help of professionals, in order to be able to reproduce the tone you are looking to achieve. In addition, you’ll be able to send messages that spark the interest and trust of your audience.
  • On the web. You should already have a section on your website in which you present international tourists with all the relevant information they might need. All this relevant information should be available in several languages. Thus, they will be able to read and understand what is on offer to them. It will be a very interesting transparency tool that will also help you position your website and attract customers more easily.
  • Direct contact with tourists. In terms of package trips, for example, it is common practice for your customers to ask you about dates, selecting a room, specific travel routes, etc. All this communication will be more fluid if your company speaks the same language as the visitors. A translation team can be very helpful in these cases.
  • Sending pertinent information. Clarifications, invoices, reservations or brochures are some of the elements you may want to send to tourists. Doing so in their language will help them and build their confidence. It’s an excellent way to guarantee satisfaction with the trip and, therefore, recommend it to others.

Advantages of translating everything at the destination point

Here, too, it is very important to have billboards or signs that have been correctly translated into the target language. These are the competitive advantages that one space may have over another that is not adapted to international tourists:

  • It makes it suitable for all customers of all ages. Perhaps the younger tourists will take out their smartphones and translate what they see quickly and easily. However, in the case of older people, this is often more difficult. If you want to reach a wide audience, you should not leave people of any age range out of the process. Thus, translating the billboards, signs or brochures of the holiday environment will be a much-needed support for older people.
  • There may be difficulties with the alphabet. For example, a French or an English tourist can type the text of a poster in Google Translate to understand what it says. However, a Japanese or an Arab tourist cannot do the same, mainly because the alphabet is foreign to them. Therefore, translating everything into the target language is a way to avoid potential difficulties.
  • It’s an extra convenience for tourists. Finally, don’t forget that a tourist seeks, above all, relaxation and rest. In fact, what they will value most is accessing resources that make their stay that little bit easier. That’s why translations are necessary to improve their experience.

Now you know the role of translation as a tool to develop international tourism. All that’s left to do is decide which translation agency may be the one that provides you with the best service. At blarlo we have more than 4,000 professional native translators – all you have to do is contact us.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Français (French) Nederlands (Dutch) Deutsch (German)