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Guide: business terms and their meaning

Gids: zakelijke begrippen en hun vertaling
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If you work in business, it’s essential to be familiar with business terms and their meaning. The truth is that the business world has a language of its own and, in general, that language is English. There are lots of terms or expressions that have found their way into the Spanish language, for which there is still no official adaptation. As such, it’s a good idea to learn them in their original form. And that’s what we want to talk to you about today. We’ve also put together a list that will help you navigate the business world with ease.

Some anglicisms you should know

No matter your industry, it’s more than likely that you’ll end up using, or at least hearing, these words pretty often. That’s why, in this article, we’ll be giving you a clear definition so that you can use and understand them correctly.


This is a concept that comes up a lot in digital marketing. It refers to a potential customer who has already shown some interest in your brand or product. They don’t need to have bought anything, they simply need to have done something that reveals their interest. For example, they might have subscribed to a newsletter, requested information, or made some kind of comparison or positive assessment, etc.


This, as its name suggests, relates to the courier service many brands have incorporated into their business model. Generally speaking, this term is often associated with food-delivery services. Today, however, it’s a relevant concept in various other industries. This is popular service that makes the shopping process for users even more convenient.


This term is very common in the context of social media. This is when an action or brand is able to relate to the audience in some way or another. In other words, engagement is generated when people follow suit, participate, or simply interact in the way we want them to. Beyond social media, it’s used in the context of how much consumers trust a brand.


This is another word for “matter”. The expression “business issue”, for example, refers to a potential business opening – a window of opportunity for the company. It could also mean a problem or complication, implying that there’s a matter at hand that requires a certain degree of attention.


As its name suggests, this is a concept that relates to leadership – with how the company is run or how a specific project is managed. The term “leading” is used when a professional is in charge of implementing an important idea.


This word refers to the timing or planning of a project. It’s not a timetable or a calendar. Instead, it’s more like a document or a timeline, which might show the steps that will be taken at different stages in the process, specifying the time of their implementation.


This is a word that refers to a company’s estimated costs. It might be used in the context of specific projects or the company as a whole. Sometimes, it has a more specific meaning, referring exclusively to the final costs associated with positioning a given product in the market.


This is the tool that allows any user to access and use the internet and their company’s internal communication networks. For example: phones, tablets, or computers.


This is a synonym for buy. It’s been a popular marketing term for many years and refers to the customer journey. In other words, the process between seeing the product for the first time right up to the moment they decide to buy it.


This is another word for mean, and we often talk about “the average of something”. For example, if a brand has a range of products on sale, we can take a look at the average profits, regardless of whether each individual product generates a different return.


These are small errors that can come up in a software and prevent it from working properly. They may be significant issues that require proper attention.


These are the final aims or objectives we hope to achieve with a given action. As such, the term can also be used to indicate when an operation has been successful.


This is a small digital program used to meet certain specific needs or processes in a company. In other words, if a team needs to perform a recurrent action, a widget can be developed to simplify it.

As you can see, learning some of the main business terms and their meanings can be pretty straightforward. If you want to feel completely at home in the business world, keep a good team of translators at your side or get in touch with a professional translation agency. Here at blarlo, we’d love to help you! Get in touch!

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Français (French) Nederlands (Dutch) Deutsch (German)