Calculating the cost of translating a business document

Calcular el precio de traducir un documento para la empresa
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If your business is growing and expanding to other countries, you’ve probably started to ask yourself a very logical question: how do you determine the cost of translating a business document? Every agency uses a different method, and so we’d like to use this post to explain how we work and what opportunities we can offer you.

Quotes that adapt to your needs

An experienced translation agency with qualified professionals must offer you economic models that correctly adapt to you needs over time. As you know, not all translations have the same urgency. Some documents are technical and specialized, while others are just for your company’s internal use. For precisely this reason, we have created quotes that reflect all the particularities that every business could require:

  • Sworn translations: Send us your text and we will assign a sworn translator accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to work on the document. The quotes we offer you will vary according to the scope of the text and the languages you want it translated to, but it’s in the range of about 8 cent per word.
  • AI translation and post-editing by a native translator. This working model, which costs 4 cent a word, is cheaper because it is done in a much simpler way. It is intended for companies that produce large volumes of documents that don’t need to be worked out as meticulously and precisely as sworn translations. The bulk of the translation is performed by AI and, afterwards, a native translator revises and corrects the entire text.
  • Immediate translation. As it doesn’t fall within a contracted plan, it costs 10 cent per word This option is intended for businesses that may require translations with quick turnarounds. As soon as you place the order, a professional is assigned to work on the text.

Consult our options for personalizing your quote

In any case, don’t forget that the figures we have provided here are for guidance only. Each job that needs to be translated will be different to the last, whether it be in scope, degree of detail, or the complexity of finding native translators that master both languages.

For this reason, you can always consult our word count and price calculation page. You can enter the most relevant information there in order to give us all the data we need to determine the final cost.

In this tool, you can determine the level of preciseness you will require and the languages you want the text translated to. This way, you will receive an approximate quote of the final cost entailed in the entire translation process.

This information is free and non-binding and will help you figure out which plan to choose and how you can work with us. Of course, factors such as continuity or larger work loads will be more worthwhile in the long term for you.

Optimize your translations with us

After deciding which business document you want translated to one language or another, and to what degree of detail, you’ll need to provide us with the relevant information so we can carry out the task. One way of optimizing the price of your translations by up to 35% is by providing us with as much information as possible. Let us explain:

  • Deliver editable files: This way, it will be much easier to get started with the translation and its later revision. If it’s possible to work on the same document, the process will be much easier for the professionals involved. Therefore, it will take less time, which also implies a lower cost.
  • Always provide the original version of the document for translation. This way, we can avoid repeating and maintaining possible errors which may have been introduced in the original translation. This process guarantees the most professional result.
  • Offer reasonable time frames so the best translators can deliver the job. This is the best way of getting the most competent professionals to carry out the task. Accordingly, the appropriate team guarantees less issues with the jobs that have been ordered.
  • Provide glossaries or memories from previous translations. This way, the team managing the project can see the style your company usually follows. This way, translators can save working time, and as such, some of the associated costs too.

As shown here, calculating the cost of translating a business document is now much easier than ever thanks to the options we offer on our website. Moreover, thanks to this optimization advice, you can reduce costs and count on a professional job of the highest quality. Get in touch with us!

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