Business languages: adapt to the needs of international translation

Los idiomas más hablados en el mundo de los negocios y traducción de documentos a esos idiomas
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If you’re planning to internationalize your company when the time comes, you’ll need to have a good grasp of the most common business languages. To do so, the best option is to work with a professional translation agency to help you maintain fluid communication. Now, if you want to take this step forward, first you have to find out what the most important languages in the business world are.

Use these languages for your international business

Today, these are the five most widely used languages in the business world:

1. English

The foreign language par excellence. If you want to internationalize your company, this is the first language you’ll need. Also, not only is it useful to communicate with other companies, businesses, or institutions in other countries; it also tends to be most people’s second language, especially in Europe. When it comes to business, a company that doesn’t have its documents, texts, or website translated into English doesn’t inspire much trust, since it isn’t adapted to the predefined fundamental business language.

2. German

The continent’s driving force is one of the biggest importers in the whole region. Also, as it is the most prominent economic power in Europe, it’s likely that your company will come into contact with other German companies. In the tech or pharmaceutical sector, Germany is an important global power to keep in mind. Translating into German will open doors for you in a country filled with business opportunities.

3. Chinese

Based on market volume, the Asian giant could be an interesting target to aim for. What’s more, its industrial sector is one of the biggest exporters in the world. Therefore, whether you’re looking to buy or to sell, Chinese will be a versatile and useful language to have.

4. Portuguese

Evidently, Spain has a very close relationship with Portugal and Brazil. This cultural and geographical proximity urges many companies to start their internationalization journey in Portuguese-speaking countries. Not only this, Spain’s good relationship with Portugal is also an incentive to approach these business strategies through Portuguese translation.

5. French

French is, without a doubt, quite a necessary language to have. In the Pyrenees, there is very close economic contact between the two countries. Similarly, when it comes to negotiating with sectors such as the food or fashion industry, our northern neighbors have one of the most interesting markets that we can access. We share similarities in terms of customs, culture, purchasing habits, tastes, and more. For this reason, a simple professional translation into French will increase your company profits.

Professional translation for companies

What difference will communicating fluently in one of these languages make? Will it play a decisive role when it comes to business? The answer is yes, since you’ll be able to establish a more open relationship with your new partners or the audience you’re trying to reach. It all boils down to professionalism and trust. Working with an agency that has a team of specialized translators, such as blarlo, who can work with both languages at a native level, will be an advantage that can help you communicate more clearly and reach agreements that are more beneficial for your business.

Now that you know the most important business languages for your company, it’s time to take the plunge and dive into new markets. Remember that, if you need a team of translators you can count on, all you need to do is get in touch with us. Get more information!

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