Linguistic services in the real-estate sector: an ever-more-important area

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Translation in the real-estate sector is one of the direct consequences of increased international mobility. Among other factors, it is quite common for the most sought-after professionals to move to other countries, which explains the increase in requests for real-estate translation services. Read on for more information.

The essential role of translation in the real-estate sector

As we’ve already noted, whether it’s for a professional who has moved to another country or because someone has decided to come to Spain to enjoy their retirement, the importance of translation in the real-estate sector is on the rise. However, it’s worth noting that the services that may be requested cover a range of different projects, such as:

  • Documentation related to the purchase or rental of property.
  • Notarial documents.
  • Agency websites and everything relating to their corresponding SEO and SEM strategy.
  • Catalogs featuring the properties available.
  • Policies with the relevant insurance companies.
  • Sworn translation.
  • Offering interpreting services during negotiations between the agent and the end client.

To achieve the best results possible, it’s essential that real-estate agencies work with professionals who have sufficient knowledge of legal issues, marketing and the sector in general. Absolute precision is vital in these translations, in order to properly conclude each transaction. Conveying professionalism and reliability is always necessary in order to satisfy client needs. Don’t you think?

What’s more, these clients generally have high standards and require clear information about the terms of the agreement. And it’s easy to understand why – this is a huge investment and they are acquiring what will become their new home: the clearer the details are, the easier it will be to make a final decision on one property or the other.

You’ll also need to bear in mind the inherent characteristics of the country. Each tourist area requires knowledge of a different language and will have some very specific idiosyncrasies. Languages like English in the Costa del Sol, German in the Balearic Islands or Swedish and Norwegian in the Canary Islands are becoming all the more common, which is why it’s essential that you hire a translator that knows how to properly adapt to the needs of each nationality.

For example, agencies can choose to specialize in two of the most common languages in their area of influence, in order to expand the scope of their commercial offer. Taking a look at the statistics, 12% of the resident population of Spain comes from other countries and has acquired property in the country. The same applies to countries like England and Germany where, for employment reasons, there is a significant population of Spaniards.

As such, it can be concluded that translation in the real-estate sector is a specialty undergoing continuous growth. If you’re looking to move to a new country in the near future, or if you manage a real-estate agency, you can count on our professional services to clear up and address any doubts you may have. This is the only way to acquire or sell property without fear of doubt or misinterpretation of the content of the corresponding contracts.

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