What does an e-learning platform bring to your business?

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Not everyone acquires knowledge in the same way, that’s why e-learning platforms for businesses are fundamental for offering personalized training. It’s an opportunity to offer knowledge which is adapted to the needs and time of each employee. 

E-learning training will improve the your employees’ or co-workers’ productivity and performance. In addition to this, it’s a more affordable option that in-person training. Start to retain your company’s talent thanks to innovative educational proposal

Advantages of having an e-learning platform in your business

First of all, we want to introduce the concept of an e-learning platform. It’s a virtual learning space that can be tailored to the needs of each organization. This type of tool has a lot of advantages for all kinds of businesses, as it streamlines training, recruitment and retention. These are the main advantages.

Increased productivity at work

Investing in the training of your employees is a way of encouraging their motivation, since it makes them feel linked to your company. We all like to feel like our company makes an effort to nurture our skills.

The majority of people look for new opportunities and ways to keep learning about topics that interest them. And it’s each business’ responsibility to respond to their concerns.

Online training for businesses is a perfect opportunity for keeping up with industry trends without having it eat into your free time.  

Education based on customization

Depending on the area you want to train in, you can make your own courses with interactive content. Today, it is already possible to create personalized teaching environments according to each employee’s or department’s needs.

Talent retention

It’s an opportunity to improve the experience that employees have in the organization. Including this type of platform is key to creating better trained and motivated professionals

Flexibility between work and personal life

Most people today are looking to achieve a balance between their work and personal lives. This is much easier with online learning platforms. With these proposals, each person pursues their training at the time and in the place that suits them best.

Cost reduction and greater reach

One of the aims of this type of online training is the possibility of training workers from different areas of the organization at the same time. In addition, it is a much more affordable option than in-person training. The latter require a higher investment and direct and indirect costs.

The best e-learning platforms for businesses

Digital transformation in the education sector has been a reality for years. And it’s also here to stay in businesses. It’s now within any internet user’s reach with platforms such as Domestika, Udemy, Moodle, Canvas, Chamilo and many more. 


Professionals from different knowledge areas offer very comprehensive courses. On this platform you can share experiences and answer questions. 


It is one of the most well known and used open source platforms. Its usefulness is well known by businesses from every sector. What is more, it has a very clean and simple interface. 


Canvas has a unique feature that differentiates it from the rest: it works completely in the cloud. It doesn’t need to be hosted on servers. It’s also very easy to learn how to use and is designed especially for the business sector with the Canvas Network approach.


It is available in approximately 80% of countries and is very easy to use. It is ideal for making e-learning simple.


This is a platform that was created through collaboration with several American universities and is an open source alternative to Moodle. It has a wide variety of online courses that could be of interest.

LearnPress, LMS from WordPress

WordPress is already working as an online learning platform and is at your disposal. You can start using your website as a highly respected remote learning site. Installation is simple.


eDucativa offers online training courses and is used by many professionals and specialized centers. Many businesses have chosen to include it in their training plans because of its effective technical support. 


This company focuses on professionals who are interested in specific subjects on its website. It makes it possible to perform a very comprehensive evaluation of each profile and to follow up with surveys and checks.

Google Classroom

This is a free alternative where you can create tasks, manage classes and send summaries by email to each party involved. 

Having some of the tools mentioned above is essential for the growth and healthy development of your company.  

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