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International Marketing for the Best Online Clothing Retailers

Las tiendas de ropa online apuestan por la traducción del contenido de marketing para vender en otros paises
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Do you know what the best online clothing retailers and today’s most relevant ad campaigns have in common? Their success is due to more than just the visible work done by creatives – it’s also due to a larger, revolutionary strategy happening behind the scenes. And one of their secrets is using language as a device to effectively reach target audiences.

Translation and Localization in Advertising

If any company has made a Herculean effort to offer cross-cultural communication that reaches every corner of the universe, it’s Netflix. Their commitment is clearly shown by the fact that they have local teams in every country and that they promote every movie or TV series with the language and culture of each place. In fact, they even use slang relevant to each city in order to further localize their campaigns.

This type of strategy resonates really well with audiences, since it promotes empathy with large brands. This strategy can also be used with smaller local businesses. E-commerce clothing brands, for example, generally have a version of their website in English, because they understand that the more spoken a language is, the more likely they are to sell their products in that language.

This sheds light on a very important idea that you should consider applying to your project: thecorrect use of language is an important tool when it comes to attracting your audience.

A Specialized Marketing Translation

Can you and should you translate your marketing materials the same way that you would translate an academic text or subtitle a song? The most obvious answer is no. There are many reasons why not. First of all, marketing uses language to persuade, and so you have to find the most apt terminology to do this. That is, natural expressions that encourage a user to complete an action.

A very simple example: do you think “buy it now” is the same level of persuasive as “acquire this product with your money”? The second one might sound worse to you. Thus, translating marketing materials requires you to keep the tone in mind and come up with appropriate expressions, ideas, and phrases that will transmit the same meaning.

In addition, for ad campaigns to be successful they have to be original, while also using language tailored for the audience. With the right expressions, you can influence an audience and achieve the desired result.

These are the reasons why ads have to be translated by experts in this subject, like the professionals at our agency.

You’ve been able to see how the best online clothing retailers and big brands use language as a means of connecting with their audience. If you also want to have this influence, now you know how to do it. At our translation agency, blarlo, you will find the translators you’re looking for to connect with and persuade your audience. Get in touch with us!

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Français (French) Nederlands (Dutch) Deutsch (German)