The Most International Translation Day

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Translation has always been a job with an important international component, as many professional translations involve communication between two different countries. But that may not always be the case. For example in Spain, translations into the different regional languages within our own country are very common.

But this work has never been as international as it is now, and it will never be less so, as we move in leaps and bounds towards connected and globalized translation, all thanks to technology.

Customer needs have changed. There is an increasing volume of content to be translated, increasingly being translated into more languages, and now content is cyclical: the customer creates the content, and the users consume it and produce more content in return.

This requires very significant changes in translation processes. The workflow must be much simpler, work teams must be bigger and more global, controls must be more automatic, times must be shorter, and costs must be much more optimized. This is only achieved by optimizing workflows, with the help of technology and with an extensive international network of professional translators located around the world.

For example, in’s day-to-day work, it’s common to find projects that are translated into a dozen languages. Even for the same language, it’s normal for several team members to be on different continents. For the same customer, we have to translate product content that will be delivered in a couple of days or a tweet that we have to deliver in an hour.

Here’s an example of this in blarlo:

We have over 4,000 translators.

Our translators are located in 101 different countries.

We speak 97 different languages.

We translate into 340 language pairs.

We have native English translators in 41 different countries spread out across 5 continents.

At blarlo, we want to celebrate this by wishing all translators and interpreters a Happy Translator’s Day in the 24 official languages of the EU:

  1. Bulgarian: Честит ден на Преводача!
  2. Czech: Šťastný den překladatelů!
  3. Croatian: Sretan Dan prevoditelja!
  4. Danish: Glædelig oversætterdag!
  5. Dutch: Fijne Dag van de vertaler!
  6. English: Happy Translator’s Day!
  7. Estonian: Head tõlkijate päeva!
  8. Finish: Hyvää kääntäjäpäivää!
  9. French: Bonne journée des traducteurs!
  10. German: Alles Gute zum Internationalen Übersetzertag!
  11. Greek: Χαρούμενη ημέρα μεταφραστών!
  12. Hungarian: Boldog fordítók napját!
  13. Italian: Buona giornata mondiale della traduzione!
  14. Irish: Lá Idirnáisiúnta an Aistriúcháin Sona Duit!
  15. Latvian: Jauku tulkotāju dienu!
  16. Lithuanian: Su vertėjo diena!
  17. Maltese: Jum it-Tradutturi t-Tajba!
  18. Polish: Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji Dnia Tłumacza!
  19. Portuguese: Feliz Dia do Tradutor!
  20. Romanian: La mulți ani de Ziua Traducătorului!
  21. Slovak: Všetko najlepšie ku Dňu prekladateľov!
  22. Slovenian: Čestitke ob dnevu prevajalcev!
  23. Spanish: ¡Feliz Día del Traductor!
  24. Swedish: Glad översättares dag!

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