How to Translate a Google Adwords Campaign

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With the help of different tools available on the Internet, you can translate your Google AdWords campaigns quickly and efficiently. However, we’d like to emphasize that to obtain accurate results you should look for companies specializing in translations for e-commerce. With the website translation service, you will get your campaign in the language you need and that best suits your business.

Tools to Translate Google AdWords Campaigns

There are different tools to translate Google AdWords campaigns, but not all of them will give you well-structured or composed texts. If you give an unknown machine translation provider access to your campaign account to translate ads directly, this provider will be able to access your confidential information and that can be very dangerous.

Here we describe the effective systems for doing this, so you may easily execute your campaign without any language limitations and with total confidence.

Google Translator Toolkit

The Google Translator Toolkit is a service that allows you to translate your advertising campaign into any language. To do this, you will have to export all the information you need to convert your texts into another language from the Google AdWords editor and import it to this service.

Google AdWords Editor

If you download your campaign in .aea format (for Google AdWords), you can complete an offline translation in the AdWords editor itself. This way, your campaigns that are currently online will not be affected, and all you have to do is upload the translated file, with .aea extension, to modify the current information.

MemoQ or Trados

These computer-assisted translation tools are able to create a project from your campaign files in the language of your choice. With this kind of software, you won’t have to repeat any translations, because repetitions are automatically detected and then completed.

Blarlo: hire a quality service for the translation of AdWords campaigns

Blarlo is a company that offers you professional translation services with native speakers. The importance of appearing in Google searches has led many companies to look for informative texts with attractive keywords, with the goal of making their business more visible. If you can also translate them into other languages, you have a much better chance of converting potential buyers into paying customers.

Just like with Google Translator Toolkit, but with exact translation accuracy, you’ll have texts ready to be uploaded to the internet in any language and with effective results.

The benefits of working with native translators

The most important thing when translating a text is making sure it sounds natural. Native translators apply campaign localization. This means that they don’t translate literally, like a machine translation tool does, but rather adapt your text to the local language you request and not by translating word for word.

What if you want to include expressions, puns, and slogans? When converting them to another language, word for word, you have to make sure your texts are saying what you want them to say.

In conclusion, AdWords offers you a translation tool for your campaign, but if you want professional, polished texts, we recommend that you opt for the services provided by native translators. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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