The importance of translation in the aeronautical sector

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The aeronautical industry is an international sector in which the relationships between companies with multiple nationalities are fundamental. Those of you who work in companies in the aeronautical sector therefore need a technical translator to make sure you communicate fluently and thus close any possible deals.


Aeronautical language

Everyday English is the language that is normally used, rather than technical English. The latter is the language employed among aviation parts manufacturers, and thus having linguistic services available is essential.

In aeronautical language it is common to find acronyms and terms used in the sector, etc., and being able to understand these is crucial. It is essential to keep an up-to-date glossary in order to understand the current terminology and to maintain consistency in the translated texts.

Translation professionals also need to have a certain amount of training in mechanical and aerospace engineering in order to translate perfectly.

The advantages of having a technical translator available

Having good planning in order to translate content quickly and efficiently provides a great advantage over the rest of the competition.

Many of your buyers in the aeronautical sector ask for information to be translated correctly as part of the bidding process. As a manufacturer you are therefore in charge of providing the documents correctly translated, and this is the moment when translation specialists come into play.

Aircraft maintenance documentation, flight operation manuals, training material, technical and commercial proposals, etc. are all documents that need to appear correctly translated during the purchase and sale process.

Quality translations, synonymous with products at the same level

Aeronautical terminology is highly complex, and therefore calls for a specialization niche in the sector. When high quality translations are provided, the product on offer is fully understood by purchasers and future users. This is why a correct translation encourages a greater number of sales. Moreover, by providing a quality service you’ll reflect a better image of your company.

Aeronautical manufacturers generate a large volume of technical, marketing and training material, in addition to having deadlines to meet, so you also require fast translations.

Insufficient online resources

Online dictionaries are not enough to meet the needs of the aeronautical industry. Therefore we strongly recommend having a specialist in the sector that allows you to respond effectively to your purchasers’ requirements.

The quotation for a translation

Although a priori you may think that the quotation for a translation is high, you should take into account the benefits it will bring.

The money that you’re able to invest in the services of a good technical translator will be compensated for and rewarded in the future by the increase in the number of sales as a result of the greater reliability and quality that your company will reflect. Go ahead and place your trust in the quality that a good translation team provides, and ensure that your company achieves great benefits at all levels: quality, sales, recognition in the sector, etc.

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