Professional translation: how do I know whether my company needs it?

los servicios de traducción para empresas mejoran la comunicación con los clientes
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Professional translation, unlike machine or amateur translation, guarantees you a job well done. Translation is a profession that requires care, attention to detail, and a solid knowledge base. At a translation agency, you will be able to find all these skills. Below, we’ll be summarizing the benefits of delegating this task to capable professionals.

What are the benefits of professional translation?

These are the most significant advantages that experts can bring to the table when it comes to translating your texts and business reports.

Textual accuracy

For certain documents, it is essential to use very specific concepts or terms. Some examples could be juridical or legal texts, or even commercial contracts. When your goal is to translate a valuable or important text for your company from one language to another, it’s best to collaborate with professionals.

You should also think about the fact that any mistake in a translation can come with a heavy cost, whether the error leads to misunderstandings or even company losses. There are situations in which it’s best not to take any risks with machine translations or suppliers who are not properly qualified.

Conveying the right tone

A language is a “living thing” that is made up of more than just words. Expressions, tone, or context are just some of the components that infuse each term with meaning.

For a high-quality translation, the translator must keep all these elements in mind, as well as their significance within the text. Mainly, this is because a document that aims to convey a more friendly tone will not read the same as a more formally written text. Similarly, legal texts contain formal terms that would not necessarily appear in a work email.

Not only this, the words we use always come with a certain tone, and this is something that only a professional translator can guarantee you. The reason for this is that they know the terms and local differences of each region, or are aware of the context in which each expression is used. Therefore, beyond their knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, they can use the most appropriate tone for each situation.

It improves your brand image

Spelling mistakes or inaccuracies in your communications are issues you really don’t want to run into when trying to reach your business objectives. Investing in translators also means investing in your brand image. Consider the fact that mistakes will suggest a lack of precision in your work. As a result, they can lead to negative consequences when you’re trying to enter new markets or attract audiences from overseas.

The way to avoid this is by seeing translation agencies as an investment rather than an expense. At the end of the day, you’re investing in your team’s professionalism, your employee’s expertise, and your image as a trustworthy company.

Quality translations are key when it comes to presenting a professional image that doesn’t break down with time. This is even more pertinent when preventing these kinds of mistakes is as straightforward as simply having a work team in place.

It adapts to your needs

The translation workflow you may require will depend on many factors. For example: your work volume, the need or urgency it involves, etc. Working with well-established timeframes is common in companies and, just like you need to make your deadlines, so do agencies.

That’s why the best thing about working with professionals is that, aside from offering you high-quality work, they can provide you with a convenient service that adapts to your needs. Whatever these needs may be, you can agree on a schedule to work comfortably.

Professional translation agency

Some agencies have different departments that specialize in specific topics or sectors. In our case, we work with translators who are specialized in various fields of work. From advertising to audiovisual content, our agency works with experts who know what resources to use depending on the context of each translation.

This is especially useful since it truly enhances the quality of our translations. Consider the fact that each sector has its own jargon or a given tone that subsequently seeps into the language used. Therefore, having inside knowledge of the language and knowing what dynamics are used or how it works will lead to more precise translations.

For all these reasons, if you need a professional translation service and you want to have a functional and capable team by your side, look no further. Here at Blarlo, we work with qualified professionals who will offer you reliable and accurate translations of all kinds of documents. Want to get started? All you need to do is contact us. What are you waiting for?

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