Setting up your ski resort for international guests

los centros de esqui tienen clientes internacionales por lo que una traducción puede ayudar a atraer a más clientes
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There are businesses or services in which it is essential to work with professional translators in order to reach target markets abroad, whether due to the specific nature of the business’s offering, or the fact that markets in different countries are being targeted. As such, venues like a ski resort, which bring together ski enthusiasts from around the world, need a perfectly composed website to clearly communicate what they have to offer to anyone that might be interested in their activities.

Expand your business to other countries

When it comes to ski resorts, international clientele are one of the main markets that need to be targeted. This includes a significant effort in communication and customer service, in order to appropriately deal with guests’ questions, bookings, requests, etc. To achieve the best results, you need to approach this from different angles. We’ll explain this in detail below

1. Offer multilingual communication

Every official communication and each informative or promotional element from your business needs to be written in the languages you previously selected. Spanish and English should certainly be among them.

However, in order to capture a broader audience from specific countries, everything must be translated into the corresponding languages. This is an excellent way to always have the information your guests may need ready and perfectly translated, even before they ask for it.

2. Train your team properly

Day-to-day activities will also determine the success or failure of your business. At a ski resort it is very likely you’ll have guests from all around the world and, once at the resort, they will have questions, or will want to communicate comfortably with your team.

That’s why you need employees with the necessary language skills to interact with customers and answer their questions in several languages.

3. Localize your website and your messages

When it comes to reaching a foreign audience, social media and online communication are, generally speaking, the main source of contact. In fact, it’s quite common for clients to search your website or social media profiles for details on your resort, the offered rates, services provided, etc.

This means that the information has to be described perfectly and translated into several languages. This will allow you to satisfy your potential clients’ curiosity, by helping them find the answers they’re looking for.

4. Plan the communication in your facilities

Create multi-lingual signage for the different areas of your ski resort as well as for all the information related to ski slopes, equipment rental, classes, events, etc. Whether it’s posters, flyers, or any text-based information that you provide your guests, it should be in several different languages. The most typical example of this is restaurants: their menus are always in several different languages. That’s what you have you to do with everything.

An expert translation

Why choose a translation agency to carry out all these tasks?

Because you’ll look better

If the information you send your potential clients is incorrect and is poorly written, you’ll project an image of carelessness. This certainly undermines trust and could make those that are considering a visit to your resort think twice.

You’ll make communication with your guests easier

If there are errors in the translation, inaccuracies or other kinds of issues, you won’t only look bad, you’ll create confusion, and this will likely become a time-consuming problem, since you’ll have to correct all these errors.

You’ll match the tone

As you know, there are businesses that need a more familiar and direct tone, while for others, a more formal one is preferable. In this case, a ski resort may require a more familiar tone, without necessarily losing formality. Tone is something that is imprinted in language and requires professional translators, given that they are the ones who best know how to adapt it.

That’s why it’s better to have a translation service that offers native-level linguists in both languages. That is how you guarantee clear and transparent communication with your guests. They will trust your resort, and in the long run, this will be a long-term investment that will help your business.

In short, a ski resort needs the support of professional translators. At blarlo we have the team you need in order to improve your communication and target an international audience. Do you want your business to grow? Get in touch!

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