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How to sell to other countries on social networks

como vender en redes sociales a clientes internacionales
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Today, social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Google +, among others, allow users to get closer to potential customers, making them an optimal tool for selling on social media. Have you heard about social selling? In this article, we tell you what it entails and how to apply it.

What is social selling and what does it involve?

Social selling is the technique of using social media language with the aim of selling something. Through it, you can get closer to and empathise with your audience, as well as acquire new customers.

It’s not exactly an online selling system; rather, it’s about getting to know the needs and preferences of your potential customers in an indirect way. In order to succeed with this strategy, it’s necessary to establish communication and content marketing strategies that spark an interest in these customers.

Why is social selling so important? The answer is simple: it offers your business an enormous potential for growth. And it’s no surprise, given that today, social networks are the main means of communication, offering numerous advantages, too: low cost, easy access, and a presence in all markets. What more could you ask for?

Where is social selling easiest and most effective?

Which networks are most appropriate for selling on social media? In this order: Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and Instagram. LinkedIn can also work, but it’s not as powerful for this purpose as the ones mentioned above. The first thing that you should do to achieve your goal of selling on social networks is to create a brand that attracts and generates trust among your audience.

To do this, you should also know how to use social media language; in fact, this is where social selling comes into play. Your goals, in addition to establishing your brand, should include interacting with your potential customers, offering them quality content and information. This way, you’ll manage to establish valuable relationships that could turn into sales at any moment.

As we mentioned, you will achieve all this through effective communication. But how is it done?

Social selling on Facebook

It is very important to focus on connecting with your audience through emotions, posting content that sparks their feelings and makes them react. In this way, a brand conscience is created, as well as that coveted relationship of trust that you need.

Social selling on LinkedIn

In this case, you should change your strategy a little, while always remaining true to your brand’s image. On LinkedIn, it is a good idea to use a didactic form of communication. The language here adopts a more informative, close tone that does not, however, sound colloquial; essentially, it should explain and inform. This being said, it should, above all, highlight your professionalism. Here, the added value will be to translate your profile to other languages.

Social selling on Instagram

Instagram is the present and the future. Using this network is essential, even though it may seem “frivolous”. And how can you adapt the language to a network that focuses on image? It’s not that difficult. To do this, you can use the photo caption or the famous stories, where you can communicate verbally with no issues.

The immediacy that Instagram offers can easily work in your favor. On this network, you should use language that is very direct, with short, straightforward messages. You should also provide information about your products.

The potential of social networks

What are you waiting for? The keys to doing business through social networks lie in getting to know the users with whom you interact. To do so, social networks offer you a great deal of information on their profiles. This way, you’ll manage to identify your target audience and establish a personalised dialogue which will, in turn, help you to keep suggestions, complaints, and opinions in mind.

So that you understand the importance of social networks when it comes to selling your products, you should consider the number of hours we spend on them per day. This is why the vast majority of companies are getting ready, or have already started, to interact with their audience through these channels. Finally, according to several studies, users place more trust in companies that have a presence on social media.

It is true that, in order to sell on social networks successfully, you need to devise strategies and, for it to be even more effective and reach a greater number of customers, it’s best to do it in more than one language. To help you with this, don’t hesitate to contract the services of specialised translators, who can take care of both the translation and the context of the countries you wish to address. At Blarlo, we work with translation professionals who will help you with this task. Don’t wait a minute longer and grow your business with us.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Français (French) Deutsch (German)