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Why does international content marketing need professional translation?

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Translation in content marketing is one of the most important factors in securing the success of a website. Below, we tell you what it consists of and why it is essential to have professionals to carry out this service.

What is content marketing translation?

It basically entails the translation of the contents of a web page. However, directly translating your web content into another language may cause the following problems:

– A lack of adaptation to your potential customer. The resulting text is not written in the language your audience speaks.

Idiomatic turns of phrase disappear and are replaced by more formal expressions that detract from the freshness of your content.

– A correct translation, but lacking in strength and connection with the person who might read it.

Why is it advisable to use the services of a translation agency?

Mainly because these companies have translators with the corresponding training in marketing who will not just provide a literal translation. Before they get started with the work, they will ask you about your market segmentation and, especially, about the objectives of your campaign.

On this basis, we begin to develop a translation that will have the following characteristics:

– It will be written in the same language spoken by the potential customer, but including the turns of phrase and words that are commonly used in the region.

– It will have the ability to generate loyalty and convert people who read it into leads.

– It will be the result of a previous investigation into your area of expertise and how this type of offer is made in the corresponding country.

Is content translation so important for the future of your business?

Absolutely. In fact, if you have a website, it is because you want to make what you do known to as many people as possible. If you have the corresponding manufacturing and delivery capacity, why would you limit yourself to a single market?

You should always keep in mind that a translation of every piece of content into English, to cite the most common example, can increase organic traffic to your website by around 40%.

In other words, you will be making your entire catalog available to anyone who knows that language, and you will become a source of specific information about your market niche. With a good translation, this objective will be very easy to achieve with the positive consequences for your website’s positioning and for the increase of your conversion rate.

Thus, we may conclude that the translation of content marketing opens doors to the internationalization of your business and turns your website into a perfect lure to attract new customers. Rely exclusively on professionals to ensure that every piece of content you write has the effectiveness you need to succeed.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Français (French)