Financial consulting: adapt your financial services to your international customer

Traducciones financieras para consultorías finanacieras
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International financial consulting is just one of the many services a company operating in several countries may need. Documents of this nature are especially sensitive because they contain privileged information about the company. Precisely because of that, it is essential that the translations of these documents be as exact as possible. For that reason, it is always best in these cases to work with a translation company that provides financial translation services. So why are these documents so sensitive and complicated to translate? Let’s take a closer look.

Why work with a financial translation service?

Because, as we will see below, translations of this nature may include delicate or controversial aspects if they are not handled correctly.

1. Technical language

The first and most obvious: they are not literary texts or content meant to entertain. They are files that contain a great number of complex terms, expressions and phrases, which require accuracy and precision. Therefore, it is essential that the person performing these translations masters all the vocabulary to perfection.

When we are dealing with official, legal, administrative or, as is the case here, financial documents, it is essential that we have a translation team that is familiar with the topic. This is so they have a good understanding of each concept used, and can thus apply the most exact translations in the text. This is the only way to guarantee that the original text and the translation are identical in meaning. Therefore, to avoid any misuse or abuse of technical vocabulary, it is always best to work with professionals who are also specialized in these areas.

2. The problem with inaccuracies

Imagine that you choose an automatic translator to translate such a sensitive document. Then imagine that the company, after performing a financial audit in Spanish, sends the final document to its counterparts in England. What might happen if there are phrases or terms that have been used ambiguously? It is very likely that the text will be misinterpreted. Because of that, each office may come to a different conclusion.

This example can be applied in other situations, too. Perhaps your office is in Spain but you want to operate and provide financial advising to clients in France or Germany. It’s the same idea. Language is the vehicle of ideas and meaning in texts. If it does not go through the correct channels, your end client will end up with a misconception.

Inaccuracies are produced, in general, by automatic translations or when professionals who are not appropriately qualified for the task are hired. It really is necessary for them to have financial knowledge to perform these translations. That way, they will be able to spot inconsistencies and ambiguities and remove them in time.

3. The need to present a professional image

An error is not as serious everywhere. If you are working with a document internally and you see a typo or a poor translation, it probably won’t have serious consequences. The same cannot be said, however, with a business file or, in this case, financial consulting.

Going back to the previous example, if you have international clients and you send them an audit with an incorrect translation, that could cause you a serious image problem, for obvious reasons. Your clients will naturally start to doubt your professionalism and know-how.

Therefore, investing in a good translation is not just a matter of taking your work seriously and providing a professional result. It is also a way to protect your brand’s image and appear professional, respected and trustworthy to your clients.

4. Native knowledge of all languages

Finally, another key aspect we must consider is that a professional translator has native-level knowledge of the target language, which is something only an expert can offer you. When dealing with projects as sensitive and specific as those in the financial realm, this is absolutely necessary.

Beyond that, the translator also needs to have knowledge of the topics so that they can work with them correctly. We would therefore like to highlight the professionalism and quality that you can find in detail in our international financial translation services section.

Ultimately, financial consulting is a service for especially complex documents. Precisely because of that, it is crucial that you have a professional team to help you with the task. If you would like to hire a trusted agency, here at Blarlo we have a quality service that can help you with your financial translations. Get in touch with us now.

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