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Why professional translators are cost-effective for your e-commerce?

We want to share with you part of the experience: translating e-commerce to the whole world. We will do this by taking an example of a case study although we can reveal the conclusion to you now: Using professional translators to translate for your e-commerce is COST-EFFECTIVE. This example takes a medium-sized e-commerce, with […]...
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Localising e-commerce

Most online shops often start translating exclusively their main website into the languages of the countries where their customers are or where they want to have a presence. But almost immediately they detect that buyers hope to be able to look for products in their own language. They want to be able to have reliable […]...
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Online Fashion and Languages

Did you know that each euro that is invested in translation and adaptation of websites turns into profit that is 20 times greater? Did you know that fashion companies with international presence and online sales have their websites translated into at least 5 languages? If you are dedicated to the fashion industry and you are […]...
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Translation of role-playing games

Role-playing games are an entertainment alternative which is definitely in trend. These games owe their success to the elements they provide and which cannot be achieved by video games. There are many theories aimed at studying this social phenomenon, the most complete one being the one proposed by Ron Edwards in 1997, known as the […]...
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The importance of being present in the B2C (Business-to-Consumer) e-commerce

E-commerce or electronic commerce is the online sale of goods or services over the Internet. The advantages of e-commerce for customers and businesses, in relation with the traditional sales model among others, are: Available 24 hours 365 days a year. Closeness, as there are no barriers or geographic boundaries (although there may be language barriers) Customised […]...
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