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If you work in the professional sphere, it’s more than likely that you may need to translate an Excel. This type of file can have lots of important information in it, from timings and bills to content or aims. In addition, it is common to use them as a shared document among several different team members or among different teams in the same company. That’s why streamlining its understanding is so important, and one way to do this is through machine translation.

Tools for automatic translation of an Excel

If you want to have constant access to this document and not have to wait for a professional translator to prepare and translate it, you have the following options.

The first and foremost is to use Excel itself to perform the translation. Simply select the part of the text you wish to translate, go to the “review” tab and click on “translate”. As you can see, it’s simple, and you will automatically see the text in another language.

If you want to keep the document in this new language, all you need to do is click “insert” in the text and it will stay translated. As you can see, it’s quick and easy.

However, it is also worth pointing out the limitations of this process, as well as those cases in which it is more practical and useful. For example, when you simply want to get the gist of what the text is about, or when the text is not too challenging, you may find this program’s built-in feature useful.

However, the translation won’t be anywhere near perfect. In fact, it’s likely that some aspects, such as the tone or meaning of some sentences, will not be correctly translated. And that’s why, if taken as a literal translation, it can lead to misunderstandings. It’s better, in these instances, that you use a different tool or the services of a professional.

Other automatic translation options

There are more platforms or programs that can help save you the trouble or even give you a fairly accurate translation of an Excel document. Let’s see what they are.

Cambridge Dictionary

One of the world’s most prestigious universities has made a quality online translator available to anyone. It doesn’t translate documents per se. Therefore, you have to extract each section and run it through the translator. Another problem is that it doesn’t translate more than 160 characters. Therefore, it won’t work with longer texts, at least if you want to translate them in one go.

What are its advantages or uses? First of all, the quality of the translation, which will be composed in fairly accurate English. Equally, it will be very useful if, for example, there are slightly more complex expressions or phrases that you want to translate relatively accurately. So, you can translate the whole of the Excel in one go, and then any phrases that are more complex or that you do not fully understand can be refined with this dictionary.


Much more specific, this automatic translator is focused on translating entire documents, in different formats. And one of them is Excel. What are its advantages? It will keep the format markers and totally respect its structure. This means that, once the document is uploaded, you can have it automatically translated into another language while respecting all the conditions of the document itself.

Another benefit? It can do it in more than 100 languages. Therefore, you’ll probably find the language you want to translate into. However, as in other cases, do not expect a translation that understands the tone or that accurately respects the quality of expression of the original document. Grammatical inconsistencies may occur.


This is also a tool, like the previous, but it has two differences. The first is that it supports automatic translation in a wider range of documents. And, among others, is that it is also found in Excel. On the other hand, it only has a bank of 15 languages, so your choice will be more restricted.

In any case, you won’t have any problem translating to the most popular languages. However, it won’t offer you an exact or perfect translation either, but it can save you in a hurry.

And these are some of the alternatives you have to hand for automatic translations. Of course, when the documents are more sensitive and their content is of greater importance, we always recommend that you use the services of a professional agency. They will be able to understand the overall idea of the text, adapt the tone correctly and provide you with an accurate translation of what appears in it.

In short, translating an Excel can be done quickly and automatically to get a general idea. Or you can also invest a little more time to have a more accurate and reliable translation; it will depend on what you’re looking for. In any case, you can count on Blarlo.com as your trusted agency.

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