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Earn your place on the podium with sports translation

Traducción en el terreno deportivo
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Sports translation is one of the most popular specialties today, but do you know what exactly it entails? We’re talking about the translation of any sporting text, regulation, application or broadcast that facilitates understanding for either the professionals or spectators of a specific sport.

The features of sports translation

It’s essential to start by pointing out that this field is quite broad, and includes manufacturers, federations, communication agencies, press releases, courses, magazines or instructions for sporting equipment, among others. When it comes to tackling this type of translation, it’s important that:

· You opt for a professional translation. Remember, you won’t just be translating a text from one language to the other – instead, depending on the specific text in question, you’ll be translating a series of specific regulations or characteristics with which you must already be familiar. You won’t always be working with a text on basketball or football (two very well-known sports), so it’s important that you turn to a professional with extensive knowledge of the sport in question, who will be able to find the corresponding terms in your target language.

· The text is adapted to potential customers. Today, sport is a source of trade. Translating a website so that it speaks the same language as the person who will read it is essential. Conveying your specialization and knowledge of the sport is fundamental if you want to succeed.

· An impeccable image of the company or person requesting the translation is offered. Any federation, sports club or elite athlete needs easy-to-understand texts that will serve as their business card in order to better understand their philosophy.

· The importance of the task is appreciated. This is what happens when it comes to translating a specific sporting regulation or press release.

· The specific terminology of each sport is used, avoiding any foreign words.

What’s more, it’s essential that a specific glossary is used for each sport in order to create a consistent style in each project. Remember that it comes down to the quality of the translation if you want to ensure that a professional fully understands the message delivered or a person learns the specific rules of a sport.

When it comes to sports broadcasts, thanks to the advances of the internet and the option to watch international channels on your TV, simultaneous translators are required to relay what they see, using terms with which the audience is already familiar. The use of anglicisms in other languages, for example, will demonstrate a significant gap in vocabulary, with direct consequences on the end result.

In short, sports translation is a sector undergoing continual renovation and which demands the very best from you. Put your trust in a professional translation company like ours to enjoy all the aforementioned benefits. You can rest easy knowing that your message will be more easily understood, always respecting the lexical or idiomatic characteristics of the target language. We will be delighted to offer you a quote and put our experience in such a passionate specialty at your service.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Français (French) Deutsch (German)