Audiovisual Translation: A News Roundup on the Current State of the Market

Traducción audiovisual profesional y las ventajas que se obtienen
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Audiovisual translation is a specialization that is experiencing a strong growth. As a result, more and more professional colleagues are becoming more interested and specialized in this field. Taking advantage of the situation, we have decided to compile the articles and videos (from talks and round tables) that deal with the latest news and the state of the audiovisual translation market. This is only our proposed list, so you are more than welcome to collaborate in order to make it as complete as possible.

New perspectives for audiovisual translation

The audiovisual translation market

Thoughts on audiovisual translation

Is it possible to make a (good) living from audiovisual translation?

In defense of dubbing and audiovisual translation

The characteristics of an audiovisual translator

The hidden secrets of translation

Audiovisual and video game translator profile: a market overview

The Translation Show #3 – Translation News: Dubbing strike, Netflix, RAE, Amazon and more

Translating audiovisuals, creating culture

Audio-description: a new horizon of possibilities

Translating for Netflix is easy: ask me how!

The ins and outs of audiovisual translation

The audiovisual translation market in Latin America

“An overview of audiovisual translation: modalities, market, history and new trends”, by Frederic Chaume Varela.

Professional and technical aspects of audiovisual translation, with special focus on Spain (2001 article)

Podcast: the translation market (with Oliver Carreira, Alejandro L. Lapeña, Juan Yborra and Ildefonso Muñoz).

Round table on audiovisual translation

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Enjoy the material and don’t hesitate to add more to the list!

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