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Archive of month: 2018

Subtitles are indeed important
The role of audiovisual translation is of paramount importance in the film world or in the latest TV shows. Whether in the form of dubbing or subtitling, professional translation allows you to see and understand a film, whatever the origina...
Bad translations
A bad translation can be very expensive
Any kind of translation must be, above all, high quality. The challenge of a company is to develop the best version of itself through different channels. Of course, communication is one of the most effective ways to do this. Words are impor...
Advantages and disadvantages of bilingualism
When we need to translate a document, we use a professional translator or a translation company. In both cases, the person meeting our needs is bilingual, i.e. someone with mastery of at least two languages who often learned them simultaneo...
How much does it cost to translate a website?
If you’ve just created your website or are going to take the leap abroad, you should let a translation agency translate it. While it’s true that the budget will be higher than if you hire an amateur, the result and the quality will be n...
There’s Life beyond English for E-commerce
The internet and new technologies are bringing about the globalization of everything around us. It’s getting easier and easier to look up information, keep in touch with each other, or buy goods anywhere in the world. The latter means tha...
The translation service in the food industry
Thanks to translation services specialising in the food industry, product labels can be read in several languages. It’s very important to know the ingredients for each product, and that the translations are correct. This type of translati...
Why medical translations are important
Document translation and interpreting services are essential in medicine, and medical translations are therefore a mainstay service offered by a translation agency. We need to appreciate how difficult a medical text is to deal with, especia...
Ways to Gain Experience with Translations
Build up Your Business with a Good Translation Service
The services of a translation agency can be a key factor in ensuring the growth of your business. In fact, many companies use these resources to take their business to the next level. The truth is that new technologies have brought consumer...
How to Sell Your Product All Over the World
The Internet has completely revolutionized the world of commerce, from the perspective of both the seller and the consumer. And this is reflected in the earnings statements of e-commerce businesses, which increase year after year. To give y...
Translation and Interpreting Career Opportunities
What is the process of translating software?
Translation services must be adapted to the different sectors they work in, since each one of them has their own needs. One example is the software sector. Although very technical programs are not always translated, the truth is that we usu...
what is a transcription
What is a transcription?
It is important to be able to distinguish between translation services and transcription services. These easily confusing words refer to completely different actions.   Differences between translation and transcription  It is very...
what is onomatopoeia
The Translation of Onomatopoeia
The linguistic imitation of non-discursive sounds that suggest or describe a particular fact or action (click, gloop gloop, woof woof, etc.) is called onomatopoeia. And it is a resource we use almost daily in our oral and written communicat...
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