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Why should you choose good audiovisual translators?

Audiovisual translators
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Audiovisual translators specialize in translating all kinds of audiovisual files. Today more than ever, videos have become an essential component of our culture, and many companies and individuals need them to reach their business and personal goals. We’ll explain everything below.

Why are these translators important?

First, let’s take a brief look at how videos have become the king of content on a global scale. All you need to do is consider streaming platforms, all the viral videos on TikTok, or how so many companies are now collaborating with youtubers to get specific content created by influencers. Now do you see why audiovisual content is at the top of the food chain?

So, in a context such as this one, it is necessary to properly adapt to the needs of each platform, to each company’s opportunities, and to the specific context at hand. And by opportunities, we mean the globalized setting where a company based in Spain can operate and gain market share in England, France, or Germany. That being said, however, the company in question must first be able to offer a consistent and high-quality strategy.

In any case, why do translators specialize in this kind of translation? Let’s take a look at the reasons:

  • Audiovisual language has its own rules. Aspects such as the jargon, sound, or tone the content aims to transmit play a decisive role in any video. Therefore, when doing these types of translations, it is important to address several elements that go beyond the text itself. This is why experts are so necessary.
  • There are different types of translation. From dubbing to subtitling, the ultimate aim of the text will often determine how to approach the translation. For example, if the subtitles need to appear on the screen as someone speaks, not only does the translator need to provide a reliable translation, they also need to make sure the text matches the speaker’s pace.
  • Localization matters. Generally speaking, audiovisual content tends to contain highly localized language (specific jargon, a specific accent, a certain tone, a certain way of speaking, etc.). Therefore, a simple translation is not enough, since all that information will also need to be localized within another culture’s language.

Quality in the final result

A professional translator can essentially offer a seal of quality in the translation. While this is often immaterial, the viewer will notice. What’s more, the proper performance of this task is key for companies. Trying to sell your products with spelling mistakes or linguistic errors has the potential to hinder your sales strategy.

Ultimately, audiovisual translators are essential for companies or individuals to expand their market and ensure their growth. Here at blarlo we have an experienced team of translators with the latest knowledge, ready to help you grow. Get in touch with us!

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Français (French) Nederlands (Dutch) Deutsch (German)