Software Guide for Translators (3)

Guía de software para traductores (3)
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After the two previous posts, we can now conclude this guide with some opinion pieces in which colleagues in the sector discuss computer-assisted translation tools.

Are they worth it?

Advantages and disadvantages of using CAT tools in literary translation, by Isabel Valiente, author of the blog Diario IAT de Isabel Valiente.

A critical defense of translation memories, article by Andrés López Ciruelos, published in Panace@ magazine.

Translation, a professional alternative, by Salvador Aparicio, published in the AulaSIC blog.

Translation memories, friends or foes? by Salvador Aparicio, published in the AulaSIC blog.

Usefulness of computer-assisted translation for literary translators, by Nuria Viver Barri, author of the blog Traducción médica, técnica y literaria.

Translation memories: Is the lion as fierce as it is made out to be?, article by Héctor D. Calabia, published on the Asetrad website.

Brief reflection on the danger of CAT programs, by Isabel García Cutillas, author of the blog El traductor en la sombra.

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