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Main Features of Contract Translation

Myths about Certified Translations
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When translating contracts, it is absolutely essential that you look for a specialized service that will give you a valid document that faithfully reflects the original. As the nature of a contract is to express an agreement between two parties, the quality of the translation is fundamental, if you want it to correctly reflect all the nuances of the original.

Due to the legal nature of these documents, the need for the correct and accurate translation of all the terms is more pressing. Information presented in technical terms and concepts that are unique to the field should be clearly and accurately reflected to avoid possible legal problems in the future, which may be caused by difficulties in the interpretation.

Main Features of Contract Translation

For you to obtain a good translation of a contract, it is essential that you have a reliable translation service, which must take into account the following features:

Use of the correct terminology

Because a contract is usually written up for a specific need, you need more than just a translation that includes the appropriate legal vocabulary required for its validity and correct interpretation. You also need the technical vocabulary that corresponds to the particular field and the terms that are used within the industry’s slang.

In addition to the vocabulary, the translator must have ample knowledge of the subject matter to be able to provide the text with the appropriate structure and ensure that it has only one interpretation.

What is a contract? Main points to consider when translating contracts

It is precisely due to the importance of the structure and the differences in the way information is translated in different cultures, that it’s necessary to take the following aspects into account when doing translations so as to facilitate understanding:

Use a design that is aligned

In the case of contracts, while each party may only understand what is written in their own language, the translation is much clearer when presented in two parallel columns. General information such as figures, dates, etc., can be checked more easily, and the format itself promotes the sense of equality between the parties. This is especially beneficial when signing international business contracts.

Use boldface type

Using capitalization and boldface to highlight the parties involved and the terms of the contract also helps improve comprehension and a sense of balance on both sides.

Blarlo: order the translation of a contract

With a service like blarlo, you’ll receive quality translations, at a good price and delivered to suit your timeframe. Thanks to our wide range of specialized translations, you will receive a service of the highest quality, that is perfect for the global environment in which companies operate today.

Due to the changing and dynamic environment of today’s economy, new words are constantly emerging to define new concepts. What makes the difference between an excellent translation and a mediocre one is precisely mastering these new terms, which is helpful to avoid any ambiguity. Financial translation services allow you to communicate with your clients in their native language, with specific and up-to-date terminology.

Visit our website and ask for a quote without obligation. We will offer you the best service for the translation of contracts, with technical skills, professional expertise, and affordable rates.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Français (French) Nederlands (Dutch)