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How to export WooCommerce products

traducir un woocommerce para exportar los productos
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Are you planning to export products abroad with WooCommerce? Well then one of the biggest obstacles, and also one of the most important factors for your strategy, must be translating all the product listings in your store. This task is far from simple and automatic; it must be executed in a clear, direct manner. Let us explain.

What to consider when exporting products in WooCommerce

Without a doubt, online retail aids in crossing borders and extending your business. But it also presents a new series of challenges you need to keep in mind and understand in order for such an operation to work correctly.

Consider this scenario: your e-commerce store is already available in English, but you plan to start selling in Spain. As such, you need to open a new domain to operate there. You’ll also need to ensure the product descriptions for everything you plan to sell are all translated.

So if you want to export these product listings and upload them to your new e-commerce site, they will first need to find their way into the hands of a translator who can take care of them and make the necessary changes.

But we’ll get to that later. First we will explain how to export these products. It’s a simple, automatic process for which all you need to do is press the “export” button in the product bar. And then they will immediately be saved in a single file. Alright, so what’s the next step?

How to prepare your WooCommerce for selling in another country

Once you’ve exported all your product files, what comes next?

1. Decide which products will sell and which won’t

You’ll probably have already carried out market research to see which products you can market, which are worth selling in other countries and which aren’t. Well then, eliminate any options you aren’t going to sell from the resulting list. Make sure you also consider cultural differences and competition.

For example, if there are brands selling products with the same function as yours at a cheaper price in your target country, competition will be more difficult for you. As such, you would have to focus on different approaches when starting out.

2. Translate all the product listings

This is one of the most important steps. And there are several reasons for this:

  • It gives your brand a good image. Can you image what would happen if a potential customer saw you had used a machine translation? In any case, these things tend to be pretty easy to spot. It’s usually considered a reason for suspicion more so than trust. And for your descriptions to be trustworthy, they must be professionally translated by native-level experts that can understand the nuances and the tone you wish to convey in each description.
  • They are fundamental for describing your product well. Good product descriptions will save you a significant number of returned orders. These, as you know, always lead to financial losses for the company, not to mention the corresponding time loss. That’s why an essential course of action for ensuring you avoid these kind of setbacks is to rely on good quality product descriptions. These should be precise and professional so your consumers never feel they have been misled at any stage.
  • They will help your ranking. Orthographic errors, duplicate content or any other indications of poorly edited texts have a huge negative impact your Google ranking. And if you want to enter the international market, it’s even more crucial to have search engines on your side. You’ll only be able to achieve this by investing sufficiently in high-quality translations.

3. Upload them to your new website

The importing process makes it easy to use your product listings again. And with these steps, your page will be ready to start selling abroad.

The importance of relying on professionals

There’s one last crucial section. For all these types of tasks, outsourcing is key. Both when it comes to having a quality website, and when you need your product listings correctly translated so that they make sense and are high-quality.

And the best way of doing this is to rely on professional translators. Mainly because we’ve already seen all the errors and setbacks that bad translations can cause. Because of this, professional translation is more important than ever when entering a new, complicated market.

Ultimately, exporting products on WooCommerce and changing them to another language is key for operating in different countries. And translation is an indispensable part of this process. Getting the best results is easy, you can rely on us. At Blarlo, we offer you the service you need.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Français (French) Nederlands (Dutch) Deutsch (German)