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Why Would a Law Firm Need a Translation Service?

Do you need translation services?
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Legal texts are complex, which is why it’s so important for a law firm to hire the services offered by a translation agency. Why is that? Because not only is it necessary for the translator to be fluent in the language, but they must also possess legal knowledge. That’s why legal translations are considered some of the most complex.

Reasons to have a translation company for your legal texts

In a law firm, a large number of contracts, legal documents, or deeds are prepared every day. Many of these must be written in several languages, so it’s very important for the translations to be precise, accurate, and faithful reflections of the original document. The consequences of a mistake in a legal translation can be very serious for the parties involved.

Professional translation services guarantee the reliability of the result as far as the use of legal terms and adaptability to the recipient’s culture are concerned. Keep in mind that a good translation involves more than literally translating the words or sentences found in the original; the recipient must be able to understand it, for all intents and purposes. The recipient must understand what they are reading, therefore the document must be written with correct grammar, sentence structure, and terminology.

Moreover, in Europe, for example, the figure of the lawyer-linguist has been created. Specifically, these are experts who have a deep knowledge of one or more European languages and have the ability to adapt legal texts accordingly. In a translation agency, you can expect the services offered by this type of professional to provide good results regardless of the language into which you want your documents adapted.

The language barrier

As you know, in our current globalized world, any lawyer might face a language barrier when it comes to carrying out legal and administrative procedures for clients. You still need to supervise contracts sent in another language and prepare them for foreign individuals, deal with wills, represent a victim who has suffered a crime outside the country, analyze multilingual documents for a trial, or require a certified translation. The document can be different and cover any legal aspect, so you have to be prepared.

In any of these situations, as a legal professional, you need the translation services of a company that is professional and has expertise in the matter. These are services that include both a deep knowledge of the language and the legal and judicial culture, which offers you an accurate and precise result so that the process may conclude successfully.

Hire professionals

So, if you work in a law firm or have your own, we invite you to find out more about our legal translation services. We are a translation agency with specialized professionals who will help you adapt your legal documents to different languages. We are at your disposal for anything you may need, so don’t hesitate and contact us now.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Français (French) Nederlands (Dutch)