What you need to know about translation in the fashion industry

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Good-quality translation is essential for any business wanting to gain exposure to international markets, and the fashion industry is no exception. Translating for the fashion industry is a specialised activity involving very specific expertise. Read on to find out why.

Translation in the fashion industry

This type of translation has very specific features, and the language used is highly technical. In fact, you will come across terminology that is unique to this field. For this reason, being able to count on skilled translators specialising in fashion is essential. All the information about each individual product, such as its composition, must be communicated with meticulous accuracy to avoid any mistakes that could lead to confusion.

Remember: a good image is vital for any fashion label. Just ask yourself how you would feel about a clothing website that was full of mistakes, or where you couldn’t understand the content. Would you buy from that company? The answer is probably “No”. That’s why fashion companies need websites with attractive, error-free written content that is easy to understand.

One of the main factors that have made good translations so important is trade globalisation. Fashion companies today have customers all over the world, which means they need to showcase their designs in a wide range of languages. That’s why the people behind the brands need to find the best specialised translators to give their products the exposure they need.

Translators’ work in fashion

Professional translators help fashion designers and other people in the industry to communicate freely. But that’s not all they do: they are also responsible for marketing their clients’ products. Translations for fashion blogs, magazines, TV, and any other media need to portray these products and their features in a way that will sell them successfully in different countries. And that still isn’t all. We’ve made a list of all the different kinds of work carried out by translators in the world of fashion, which you can read below.

Social media

Social media has become an absolute mainstay for any business. Most of us currently spend several hours a day on social media, so it’s very important for companies to update their profile every day, including posts displaying and describing their latest products.

Social media is also the perfect place for users to give feedback on particular products. This means that companies can find out about any opinions, complaints and questions people have about the brand.


It goes without saying that, for any brand, their website is extremely important. As a result, the texts, image descriptions and comments on this website must be translated to the highest possible standard. A badly translated website, which contains spelling mistakes or is difficult to understand, could ruin a brand’s image.

And don’t forget that there’s more to translate than just product descriptions. Some other, very important elements include payment methods after-sales service.

Fashion shows

A fashion translator is needed at a fashion show, which is a key moment in the launch of a collection. They also need to be present for outlet openings, which are often attended by customers from all over the world. Fashion companies also frequently expand their range of products and services, and translators are essential in making the new descriptions available worldwide.

Trade shows

At the start of each season in the clothing and footwear industry, there are multiple trade shows where brands present their designs. These shows are also attended by customers from all over the world, so the need for a translator is clear. Their main role at these events is to enable brand representatives and customers to communicate easily with each other. Once a purchase has been made, the translator will ensure that the transaction is successfully followed up. They are also responsible for resolving any questions or requests that may come up at any point in the process.


One of the central tasks carried out by translators in the field of fashion is translating the catalogues for the various collections that are launched throughout the year. The pictures of each garment should always be accompanied by a text explaining several aspects of the item in question: what fabric it’s made from, who it’s designed for, how much it costs, and so on.

As you can see, translation has considerable significance in the world of fashion. In fact, a great deal of any company’s success on the foreign market is based on translation. Translating for the fashion industry takes very specific expertise and thorough training. At Blarlo, we work with the very best specialised translators, who can help you out in any field. Trust real professionals!

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