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Copyright and Translatio
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The copyright and translation of a text fall under the umbrella of audiovisual adaptation rights. They allow us to promote a work and give it greater visibility. It is essential to match a text to the right translator and further his or her career as a writer.

The easiest way to hire translation services is by contacting a professional translator. All you need to do is choose the one that best fits your needs and style and ask for a personalized quote. This way, you’ll have your texts translated in the shortest possible time. However, it is very important to have a contract drawn up and make sure that you read each and every one of the terms.

How do translation rights work?

Any writer who has produced a text is the sole proprietor of said text. He or she is the only person with the right to reproduce and distribute it. This also includes the right to translate and to publish the text in order to adapt the work to different media.

The importance of drawing up a publishing contract lies in that these rights may be sold or relinquished to third parties in exchange for a previously agreed sum.

When a contract is signed, there is usually no mention of the language(s) into which the work will be translated, since at this time, the right will be given to publish it in the original language. Therefore, it’s important for you to do your research and learn about the basic copyright requirements in translation:

Copyright and Translatio

Copyright must be claimed by all translators and these aspects should be taken into account:

If the translator agrees to the relinquishment of rights, the publisher may exclude the translator’s name when publishing an article or any work. It would be as if the book had never been translated.

It is definitely worth it to retain a portion of the rights, because the specialist should receive a percentage for the completed translation. And this percentage must be specified in the contract. It is worth noting that in the case of electronic formats, a higher percentage of the copyright is received. Negotiation is therefore vitally important in reaching an outcome that is beneficial for both sides.

Rights should include worldwide publication

The contract needs to be clear about the relinquishment of publication rights on a global scale. It’s important to mention the countries where the contract is limited and where the translation is kept. For example, rights may be sold to other countries, like the United Kingdom, Spain, France, etc., and so earn more money.

It’s important to maintain a commitment to the profession and to respect and recognize the work of all professionals.

Therefore, if you wish to hire a translator to provide translation services, you should be aware of the necessary requirements and copyright and translation rights.

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