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Translation Project Manager: What Are Their Qualities and How Do They Perform Them?

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A translation project manager is always essential to ensure that the work to be done is better coordinated and organized. Here we tell you why they are so important and what their duties are.

What are the qualities of a translation project manager?

A translation project has parts that must fit together perfectly like pieces of a puzzle. The greater the number of translators, the greater the need for a manager. And they must know how to do the following things:

  • Choose the best translator for each assignment
  • Choose the most skilled editor to make the pertinent corrections
  • Be in constant communication with translators to set guidelines and a work schedule. They need to know what each professional already has on their plate so as not to overload it, in this way facilitating their complete dedication to each new assignment.
  • Have the necessary experience as a translator to be able to better identify each project’s key points and the most appropriate strategy to tackle them.

Key duties of translation project managers

If you’re wondering what a translation project manager does, we can summarize their duties in the following list:

  • Listen to the client. The manager is always the first to know the type of work to be done, what the person commissioning it wants to achieve, and how they want the result to be presented.
  • Know the deadlines to be met, and make every effort to ensure that they are met. As they know the translators’ work capacity, it is essential to agree with the client on a deadline that allows the work to be delivered in a timely manner.
  • Check that the translation, editing, and layout of the text are as requested. The manager is also responsible for reading the text one last time and making sure that it meets the customer’s requirements.
  • They are demanding in terms of the client’s requirements, and urge translators to redo their work if necessary.

What problems might they face?

However, not everything is a bed of roses in this line of work. In this regard, we should keep in mind that project managers may face the following situations:

  • A client who demands more than what can be offered (due to time constraints or translator availability)
  • Having to clarify the terms of the instructions given by the client if they are confusing or cannot be met.
  • Deal with any incident that may occur to a translator. Finding a replacement with the same skills and availability is essential for the project to move forward.

After reading the above information, you’ve probably reached the same conclusion as any translation professional. The role of a translation project manager is essential to ensure that the work gets done and to maintain permanent contact with the client and the translators. For this reason, their presence in any company in the sector is more than justified. Contact us if you have a translation project, and we will deliver a professional result within the deadline you specify.


This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Français (French)