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If you’re looking for a translation agency that offers you guarantees, it is important for you to know what you should expect and what the one you are thinking about hiring offers beforehand so as to avoid problems.

Main translation agency services

Often when looking for a translator, we limit ourselves to the first agency that we find and base our decision on factors like price and speed. Remember that professional translators need time to offer the best possible results. In addition, they base their work on what we mention below.


This is one of the most difficult factors to judge as, logically, if you are having something translated it’s because you don’t have an in-depth knowledge of the original language of the document you want to translate. This doesn’t mean that you should accept a translation done with some online program in which the idiomatic expressions are incomprehensible and which is generally difficult to read. The quality of a text can be seen when it is read. Read your text before you pay for it and ask for the following steps to be carried out.


A professional translator does their work without generic translation programs and painstakingly searches for the best words to transmit the same message as the original text. After that first step, some expressions need to be refined, some sentences need to be changed to make the text easier to read, and –in short– the text has to be edited to make it as fluid as possible for its potential target.

Translation for SEO

The is another of the big hurdles that some translation agencies still have to get over. If you want to translate the texts of your website to help with the internationalization of your company, the professional doing the translation must take into account the following factors:

– What is your potential customer like?

– What are the most recommendable target language idiomatic expressions?

– Has the original tone of the text been transmitted through the translation?

If these matters are taken care of, the resulting text will improve your website’s positioning in the search engines of the country where you want to start selling.

Other requirements that must be met 

Apart from what we’ve mentioned above, which is so obvious that it should be automatic with any translation agency, you should also take into account the following:

– The translation’s delivery timeframe. Timeframes should be reasonable for the length of the work to be done.

Professional advice. A text that works well in one language may not have the same effect in another language. Having the opinion of an expert is always advisable to undertake the best possible editing efforts.

If they don’t offer you any of the aforementioned services and only translate whatever it is you send them, then that translation agency is not right for you. We invite you to get to know our services and to let us show you how adaptable and professional we are, as well as our ability to take your business as far as possible. We offer you a personal relationship, meet deadlines, and are constantly training our translators so that your text can be a real beginning to a much more fruitful marketing stage — one that is more in line with achieving your goals.


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