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Translation Agencies in Barcelona

Translation Agencies in Barcelona
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You likely already know that translation agencies in Barcelona are an important part of the Catalan economy. We work with many brands that want to engage with a Catalan audience, and to do this they use the Catalan language. This is why we offer all types of translation services: for online retailers, ad campaigns, or for sending strategic marketing communications to the Catalan sector of the market. We’d like to tell you a bit more about how we work and how we can help you generate growth in your business.

How to Operate within the Catalan Market

We could start by explaining the strong presence of the Catalan language among consumers in Catalonia. But instead we’ll refer to the language policy law: it states that it is obligatory for a significant portion of communication in businesses to be carried out in Catalan. This means more than just signage or product information. It is also obligatory for businesses to provide customer service in Catalan. Consumers have the right to request clarification or file a complaint (either written or oral) with the company in Catalan.

What implications does this have? There’s a pretty clear course of action. Any company that plans to begin operating in Catalonia needs to invest in translation services in order to establish business communication that is, at the very least, bilingual. Now, don’t think of it as just another expense. Languages are never a barrier for businesses; instead, they represent an opportunity.

How can Catalan translation help your company?

We’re going to see this circumstance for what it truly is: an opportunity. It’s estimated that 46% of the residents of Catalonia use Catalan as their primary language. This means that they express themselves in Catalan in their daily lives and with their loved ones. A company that wants to create trust with this type of audience should also use Catalan in their communication.

What benefits will you receive from communicating with your potential clients in their language?

  • You will bring them back to their roots. Although your company is not Catalan, you create associations between it and Catalonia, its people, and its culture. This is a great way to build a stronger foundation for your project and to build rapport with your audience.
  • You will adapt better to the local culture. This is non-negotiable, since a brand has to be believable in order to communicate effectively. You can do so by learning the behaviors and values of a region— in this case, the Autonomous Community of Catalonia. The more a brand ties itself to the local culture, the better it works.
  • You will establish a bond of trust. A brand is defined by the messages they send and the way they communicate. Doing this correctly and in the right language is important for connecting with the population of a region, ensuring that they prefer this brand over others.

Translation between Catalan and Spanish

In our Barcelona office we work constantly on the relationship between Spanish and Catalan. At the end of the day, there are many companies located in Catalonia that want to expand to the national market, and vice versa.

We offer specialized translation services that fit the sector you work in. We provide sworn translation services for legal purposes and we work with audiovisual translation experts for digital marketing. We can also translate e-commerce material and website copy for businesses that want to clear up any questions for their users.

Specialization is key for truly optimizing a text and making sure it works in a different place. This is the true meaning of expert translation work: giving the same meaning to an idea no matter the language. Our native translation professionals can help you achieve this.

You should always use native, professional translators.

A perfect translation sounds natural, as if it had never been translated at all. However, a consistency error or a spelling mistake can create distance and uncertainty among consumers. This is why it’s worth investing in experts that have a native command of both the source and target languages. Professionals are your guarantee of quality in translation. It’s worth it to always invest in translation companies that have a good performance history and a trustworthy, specialized team.

As a translation agency in Barcelona, we work hard to help brands connect with the Catalan market. If you think your business is ready to get up and running in Catalonia, don’t hesitate—we can help you get there. Get in touch so we can get started! We can’t wait!

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Français (French) Nederlands (Dutch) Deutsch (German)