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Trade Fairs and Congresses: Why is it Important to Translate All Your Business Content?

la importancia de llevar a un buen traductor a un evento en ferias o congresos
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If you attend a trade fair or congress to promote your company to potential customers, it’s essential that you have the necessary materials for this. The content you present at this type of event says a lot about you and having it in several languages will help you present an image of internationality. A translation agency is absolutely essential for this type of work.

For this type of events, it’s necessary to have with you materials that are suited to your company’s business. Catalogs, cover letters, product descriptions, labels, or advertisements are just some of the essential types of literature necessary in the field of advertising.

On the other hand, documents related to purchases and sales are equally important, mainly papers like packing slips, manuals, invoices, and even claim documents. All these elements allow to bolster your brand with seriousness and professionalism. But to cause an impression and make a difference, it’s important to have all these materials available in the different languages spoken by the potential buyers at the event.

To do this, you’ll need translation services. This is the best way to ensure that every material you present conveys exactly what you want to communicate. Translation agencies have native translators who can also attest to the accuracy of the translation.

Advantages of hiring a translation company

While it is true that today there are plenty of programs and software that do translations, they are not completely reliable and their language usage not entirely correct. Having the help of professionals in this field allows you to eliminate language barriers in a more efficient way, thus improving communication with your potential client.

Language usage

In every language, there are colloquial phrases, set phrases, and local slang, all of which require you to adapt your message. A professional translator is fully aware of this need and is able to adapt your text by taking these small details into consideration. Hiring a native translator improves text quality because they will know to avoid words with double meaning, or outdated or unrelated expressions.

Reliable information

In the business world, it’s very important to write your text in a clear and authentic way. This is especially true with instruction manuals or product descriptions. Because experts are able to avoid mistakes in these areas, they can make sure that every word refers to what you are trying to convey, thus giving the information about your products a degree of truthfulness.


Another important element in this type of event is advertising. An ad campaign may be perfect in one language and for one country but unthinkable for another. This is where the translator’s creativity come into play when, for example, adapting an advertising slogan or the brand’s very own. This is important because certain phrases may not make any sense or may have a different meaning in a different language.

Hire professionals to help you succeed at your next congress or trade fair

Opt for an experienced translation agency to make sure you’re conveying the right message. This will allow you to stand out at the next event you attend and launch your company’s international expansion.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Français (French) Nederlands (Dutch)