The Translator’s Role in the Internationalization of a Company

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The internationalization of a company requires translating a significant amount of documents and communications. This is no minor task, and if you are going to embark on it, it is best to do it with the help of a translation agency.


The key to success: a translation agency

Indeed, professional translation services can make the difference between success and a major embarrassment.

Those who speak multiple languages may be tempted to think that they know enough to translate the company’s communications. The surprise comes when you give the text to a professional and realize what a big difference it makes.


Not everyone who speaks English is an English translator

Expressions, turns of phrase, technical words… there are endless elements in a text which, if you don’t have a professional agency with native translators, can be a source of unfortunate mistakes.

A professional also knows how to adapt the tone of the translation, something that can also make a big difference. We don’t want all communications to have the same format and tone. Translating a company’s vacation policy is not the same as translating the company’s invitation to the annual Christmas party, is it?


Adapting texts

We have already introduced the concept of tone in communications, though this was in reference to internal communications.

The same occurs with external communications. If we’re coming up with a marketing campaign, a new website, or ideas with very high visibility, we better do it very well.

Here the tone and correct use of language is even more important. If we want to enter a foreign market and get our name out there, we have to do it in the local language with a tone that our target audience expects of us and without mistakes.

A mistake in a marketing campaign or on a website gives a very unprofessional image and can ruin the entire strategy in a foreign market.


Technical documents?

If what we’ve seen so far wasn’t enough, we must also remember the importance of accurately translating technical documents. The specific language used in each field of expertise nowadays requires a thorough understanding of the terms and expressions used.

A professional service will connect you with an individual who will not only be a native speaker but also have experience in one or more industries. They’ll be able to understand the technicalities they are reading and translate them perfectly into the target language.


To sum up

It is likely that when you started reading this blog post, you were mostly concerned with technical translations, but we have seen that there are many types of translations that need to be taken into account in the internationalization of a company. And they’re all important.

We are talking about introducing ourselves in a foreign market, in their own language; we are talking about expansion, growth, additional markets and new challenges. It’s time to do it right and not make basic mistakes so we can focus on the strategy of this expansion.

Internationalizing is a motivating challenge, which is very interesting and at the same time complex. Let a translation agency with real professionals help you along the way. Ensure your success.

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