The Translation Boom in the Fashion and Beauty Industry

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Fashion companies are engaging in internationalization processes: exploring new markets and securing global suppliers are their day-to-day objectives. Consequently, fashion translation is tremendously important.

In fact, there are numerous examples of large firms that are transcending our borders. The Internet is the communication channel used and, therefore, you should know that it is essential to have multilingual pages, customer services tailored to each language community and to launch translated advertising campaigns.

When translation in the fashion industry is more than just a trend

If you take into account the international projection of the fashion industry and the enormous influence of Internet content on each brand’s success, web translation in fashion translation becomes a strategic and influential factor.

E-commerce allows you to reach all types of international markets with the only requirement that your content is correctly translated. But the option of machine translation, in fact, generates confusion and discomfort. Fashion companies know this and, therefore, having professionals translate this information is not only a growing trend, but also a requirement for survival and achieving success.

Having a quality translation of a fashion e-commerce site means making all your articles accessible and attractive to speakers of another language. In other words, fashion translation is a decisive step for the international success of your business.

Challenges facing fashion translation

What are the key issues and major difficulties you face when requesting commercial texts about fashion? These are precisely the major challenges that are already being addressed in the translation of marketing content related to this sector:

  1. Transcreation. Marketing and communication campaigns are much more than a set of terms that can be translated literally. It is necessary to adapt these texts to the cultural, experiential and linguistic mentality of their new audience. Only then will these communications have the right impact and the products will be as attractive as they need to be. Transcreation therefore involves a comprehensive and creative translation of marketing content, going beyond mere linguistic translation.
  2. Suitability of the language. Technical terms frequently appear in fashion texts, especially with regard to the composition and construction of garments. This part of the work requires the translator to master this specific vocabulary.
  3. Words of English origin. Fashion has become globalized and, to a large extent, is using terminology drawn from the English language to refer to multiple concepts. “Outfit”, “look”, “slim fit”, “boyfriend”, and “oversize” are just a few examples of English words that have been adopted by the industry. Now, what is the presence and acceptance of these words in each target language? This is a fundamental aspect.
  4. Legal information. The legal and regulatory criteria for fashion changes from country to country. And translations must keep this in mind.

Therefore, fashion translation has become an essential factor in this sector and requires the participation of specialized and perfectly trained professionals. Do you want to hire the best? Contact us!

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