Need a Chinese translator? Here are a few tips to find the one who’s best for you

Need a Chinese translator? Here are a few tips to find the one who’s best for you
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Taking into account the increase of capitalism in China, it seems logical to think that a Chinese translator can help you to do business in said country more easily. So, how can the best professional translators be found to help you achieve the results sought?

Need a Chinese translator? Here are a few tips to find the one who’s best for you

Are you looking for a Chinese translator?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to that question, avoid going to a search engine, typing ‘find a translator,’ and reading endless lists for hours. Turn to a translation agency that has true experts in the language and which can offer you the necessary guarantees. As you will see below, those responsible for translating your text must take into account a long series of factors when doing their job.

Peculiarities of the Chinese language 

A language spoken by 1.2 billion people makes it easy to understand why up to a dozen dialects exist that do not share grammar, syntax, or spelling with Mandarin Chinese (the official dialect). Likewise, make sure your translation agency knows that you want your documents in simplified Chinese so that it can be understood by the greatest possible number of potential customers. 

Other peculiarities to take into account are:

Homophony and a lack of linking devices. There are words that sound the same and, depending on the context, mean two completely different things. As there are hardly linking devices in Chinese and sentences are typically very short, the services of an expert translator are extremely necessary.

Semantics. The improper translation of a saying or simple idiomatic expression in the source language can make the text convey the wrong meaning in the target language. Thus, you need to have a professional who is able to find similar sentences or expressions in Chinese without being offensive.

Literal translation. Literal translation to Chinese is nothing short of a fantasy, that’s why the use of automatic translation programs or similar tools is not at all recommendable. As we have already explained, only those professionals with the most experience are able to analyze texts word by word to give them the necessary meaning and best align them with the needs of your business.

Translations from Chinese to Spanish. The translator must do the same thing we discussed previously, but the other way around, to ensure that you understand the corresponding message correctly. Don’t forget that the work of a translator begins with interpreting more generic words and then continues with fine-tuning more specific expressions. More than simply translating, what is done is that the text is re-written in its entirety.

Whatever your case may be, don’t forget that a Chinese translator can be the key that opens the doors to a market in continuous expansion. We offer you our services as a translation agency. We meet deadlines, can accommodate your budget, and will always provide you with advice so that the aim of increasing your business’s sales can be achieved more easily. Contact us to find out more about the characteristics of our translations. We’d be delighted to be part of that sales success that you so deserve.

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