Texts that Should Be Tackled by a Professional Translator

Quels textes faut-il confier à un traducteur professionnel ?
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Knowing several languages is becoming more and more common, and in many cases you’re able to express yourself in at least one or two other languages in addition to your native language. This allows you to make yourself understood and to be able to interpret documents that are not written in your native language. However, for certain kinds of texts it is essential to have a professional translator to avoid mistakes and to ensure the message is delivered accurately.

3 types of text for which you should rely on a translation company

Choosing a translation company for the translation of certain documents is always a good idea. There are certain fields in which it’s easy to generate a general idea of what we wish to convey or what the document says, but accuracy is a necessity.

Contracts and legal texts

For the translation of this type of documents, it’s not only necessary to know the language, it’s also essential to have some knowledge of the legal system itself. Moreover, if the documentation is to be submitted officially, the translation must be completed by a sworn translator with the corresponding certification.

This type of text is much more common than we might think. If you have a website, legal notices fall into this category and it’s absolutely essential for them to be correctly translated into the different languages in which you operate. Thanks to this, you will be able to avoid legal scares in the future.

Medical documentation

Understanding medical information is essential because people’s health may depend on this. Therefore, when you translate it, it’s equally important to convey this content accurately.

Reports, prescriptions or medication package inserts are just a few examples of this type of documentation. An incorrect translation on your part generates legal consequences that are imposed on the organization that ordered the translation. Choosing a company specializing in the sector will allow you to count on the help of professionals who are familiar with the terminology, and you will also be covered by the company’s Civil Liability insurance.

Technical documents

The technical field is another sensitive area in the context of translations. The instructions for use or assembly, the technical specifications or composition of the product are documents that must be understandable so that the customer can get the most out of the product.

A bad translation may result in a dissatisfied customer who might post a negative review of your products. This may have a long-term impact on your business. A professional translation makes the customer feel that the text and product are intended for their language.

Translation services are a very useful resource when dealing with very important documents that need to be in another language. It is essential to collaborate with them even if you know both languages involved in the process.

The translation of technical, medical and legal documents should always be done by a professional translator. If you choose them, you will guarantee the quality of the work and prevent any information from getting lost along the way.

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