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Archive of month: 2023

Les hôtels internationaux et leurs normes linguistiques
International hotels and their linguistic norms
International hotels are a sign of prestige. They have the ability to attract people from all over the globe and connect paradisiacal destinations with those eager to see the world. But what makes a hotel an international benchmark? In shor...
Translating Basque into Castilian Spanish
Translating Basque into Castilian Spanish
Translating Basque into Castilian Spanish, and vice-versa, is a basic necessity for companies operating in the Basque Country. That’s why it’s always best to have native translators on hand with a profound knowledge of the language who ...
Steps to achieving web accessibility
Steps to achieving web accessibility
Web accessibility is one of the many factors that influence the positioning of your website. It also plays a key role in facilitating the easy browsing of website visitors, hence its importance. Do you want to know what factors affect acces...
How to create an international invoice
How to create an international invoice
If you work with customers outside Spain, you need to know how to create an international invoice. To guide you through this process, we’ll describe the main steps here. This way, you will easily be able to create invoices with all th...
Opiniestukken: Moeten die vertaald worden?
Opinion pieces: should we translate them?
Opinion pieces are practically a genre in themselves. They fill the pages of newspapers, blogs, and many websites that use experts to give their opinion on a particular topic. That’s why, when it comes to the most brilliant, witty columni...
Architectenbureaus en vertaaldiensten
Architectural firms and translation services
An increasing number of architectural firms are working hand in hand with translation professionals. Even though the two fields may seem completely separate, there are many aspects in which a professional translator can help an architect. R...
Gids: zakelijke begrippen en hun vertaling
Guide: business terms and their meaning
If you work in business, it’s essential to be familiar with business terms and their meaning. The truth is that the business world has a language of its own and, in general, that language is English. There are lots of terms or expressions...
Avantages de la traduction français-catalan
The benefits of Catalan-French translation
There are many benefits of Catalan-French translationfor companies. The two geographical areas share many cultural elements and also have a strong economic connection. This makes it particularly useful for businesses. In this post we want t...
blarlo como agencia de traducción ayuda cumplir los requisitos de la digitalización para PYMES
The need for digital transformation in SMEs
Over the past few years, the need for digital transformation of SMEs in Spain has become an increasingly prominent topic. While it’s certainly a pending issue in the business world, today it’s easier than ever to make it a reality. This...
Requisitos que debe cumplir las etiquetas en la traducción para adaptarse a la normativa de cada país
Important requirements when translating a label
When a company sells its products abroad, translating their labels is one of the most delicate processes they must carry out. Since labels contain sensitive information, it’s always a good idea to place this job in the hands of profession...
La traduucción para campañas de marketing internacional y negocios que quieren expandir sus fronteras
Business and international marketing
There is a very close relationship between business and international marketing. At the end of the day, if you want to expand your company to reach new horizons, you’ll have to rely on advertising. For this reason, it’s fundamental to h...