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How to add value to professional website design

traduce tu página web para aportar valor al diseño web y consigue adaptar el contenido a tus usuarios
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Professional website design is more complex than it might seem. It’s true that, when you surf the web on a well-designed website, you don’t notice all the work that goes into it. But it’s precisely when the public feels comfortable browsing on your site that it’s been done well. To get to that point, you’ll first have to address a series of aspects that every website must have. We explain them one by one.

Original design

The idea of a website is that it shouldn’t look like any other, but it shouldn’t be radically different either. This can be achieved in several ways:

  • Use specific brand colors. Select the colors that are most closely related to your company and that fit most harmoniously with the website.
  • Have an intuitive web design with personality. It can be manageable and still have plenty of room for design, creativity and originality.
  • Incorporate your own aesthetic. Use styles (whether in typography, background images, etc.) that best capture the essence of your brand.

Following these pointers will help your design differentiate you from the competition, so that your website is unique and easily navigable.

Good web usability

The Internet is a key space for shopping, information and entertainment that has caught on with people of a wide range of ages, and not all users have the same navigation fluency. For this reason, the most intuitive and user-friendly websites are often also the most successful.

Usability has to do with the capability of a person to find any section of your website, or to perform any of its functions without difficulty. This means creating a logical architecture. Just as you can be more innovative in design, the ideal is that the framework of your website is identical to that of all the others in your sector.

It’s not complicated to achieve, but attention must be paid to architecture. A common way of doing this is to test different site architectures with users that have different levels of browsing proficiency.

A test with different options

A/B testing is essential to measure the usability or the design’s ability to reach your desired audience. For this reason, the websites that generate the most traffic and get the most visits usually implement this type of test. By knowing what works best and what users value most, you can offer them a more comfortable and user-friendly browsing experience.

Creative text that connects

The copy is something that’s linked to the design of the website itself, although it’s often seen as something that is worked on separately. However, the truth is that the ideal is to build both elements at the same time. The phrases you use as slogans or headlines should have a certain length in order to be aesthetically pleasing. Also, in the copy is the explanation of the website itself: what you’re able to find on it. Precisely because of this, these are two aspects that need to be built at the same time.

Text will also have a lot to do with how the site architecture is structured. Calls to action, for example, should be of a certain length and placed in the right locations. In the same way, explanations of what your website is and what it offers must be in visible areas, and be summarized, so that anyone who accesses your page can understand it in as little time as possible.

Website translation services

The translation of websites is another aspect that really differentiates a professional website from an amateur one. Having text in two or more languages will help you attract a foreign audience and give your website a very positive, professional image.

Whether you intend to sell online, or if you want to expand your market and reach new audiences, translation of your website can work in your favor. That being said, the translation must be carried out by professionals from a translation agency.

The reason is simple: in web text it’s not only what is said that matters, but also the way it’s said. That’s why you choose a professional translator, as they can provide an accurate translation and, in addition, the correct tone in which to communicate with clients.

The design of professional websites involves many departments and different professionals who have to work together to carry out such a project. At Blarlo we offer a professional translation service through which you will be able to provide an accurate text in various languages to your different audiences. Are you interested? Get in touch with us now.

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Français (French) Nederlands (Dutch) Deutsch (German)