Onze vertalersgemeenschap en COVID-19

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blarlo‘s vertalersgemeenschap bestaat uit meer dan 4000 vertalers uit meer dan 110 landen. Veel van hen lijden onder de gevolgen van de COVID-19-pandemie.

Bij blarlo staan we in contact met hen om ze te ondersteunen waar we kunnen. We zullen je wat berichten laten lezen vanuit de meest getroffen gebieden. Ze bevatten waardevolle tips voor de rest van de wereld Houd moed!



We are all wearing masks (our own or provided by our company if we did not manage to get any) at all times, having our temperature checked by the security guards at our office building and in the streets:

And keeping common surfaces disinfected (elevator buttons covered with film, tissues to protect hands when touching buttons and machine with disinfectant solution to clean hands when entering the building):

Before sitting in our desks we are told to go wash our hands with soap and spray a disinfectant solution (chlorine and water) on our belongings (bags, purses, coats, shoes). Even a carpet soaked with a disinfectant solution is place at the entrance of our office.

After this, I like to disinfect my desk, keyboard, mouse and phone screen with an alcohol-based solution before starting the day:

We know it sounds like a lot of work, but it gives peace of mind and after a month of carrying out this preventive checks and little steps, we feel things are slowly going back to normal. In our industry, we are lucky we were able to carry on working from home and providing services, I personally have not seen the translation workflow being diminished or affected just yet, but I guess it is early to tell.

We hope everyone in the world can say the same really soon. Feel free to share these measures with your colleagues and freelancers. We wish you all the best! 



I get you some information about the situation in Italy (though I imagine – and know from some friends living there – that in Spain and especially in Madrid and Barcelona it is not very different, although not very much mass-media advertised) and you get me at least one translation to start our cooperation…

What do you think about it?

I would assume that a modern and innovative translator is already working ‘from home’ or let’s say in a ‘smart-working’ oriented mindset. So tha Coronavirus just opened a new perspective to Italians, i.e. it introduced them to the ‘smart-working’ (from home) concept: until now everybody was commuting to a building (sometimes many hours of commuting were the daily routine situation) and maybe their concept of working was ‘bound to the desk’ (or better the working concept of the Company they are working at/with, not believing that it could be more productive than in the hustle and bustle of an office).

Especially in Milan & hinterland (where we are several Mio. people and the infection rate is increasing), though over 9K people from the Region Apulia ’emigrated’ to their native Region this Saturday, we are still active and the hashtag #milanononsiferma confirms this tendency (though from Sunday the Italian government kindly obliges us to stay at home #iostoacasa.

Some Companies have jumpedat the chance of incresing their visibility and strengthen their Customer (health) careby offering specialrates and connectivity services via this institutional Internet site (which you could spread to the Blarlo’s Italian translation community): solidarietadigitale.agid.gov.it

Kind regards and a hug a metre away (as per ministerial provisions),


Well, in Italy we can definitely see everything has almost stopped. 

It’s hard to know how long we’ll be able to certify translation since courts will probably close.

My advice: stay indoors, as often as possible.

Buy alcohol and hygienize all surfaces.
Avoid social life for a while – for real, it’s the only way to stop this virus from spreading further.

Create  a savings buffer: work may significantly slow down when the virus hits your country.



People here in Korea are aware of the importance of masks and the government was fully ready from the start so it has been well controlled even though there was a rapid increase because of a “Cult Breakout”, but still, the quality of execution is just the best.

Some valid advices that I can give are

1. keep a physical distance (ideally 1 meter at least) from people

2. wear mask not only to protect yourself but also to protect people from you

3. ****wash both hands thoroughly with soap whenever you have chance****

These are nothing more than the basic rules but it seems people in many other countries get the closing/quarantine as additional holidays which is absolutely maddish. I recommend to just stick with those basics.

Again, thank you for your concern, it is much appreciated. Let me know if there’s anything I can help, and I hope things get better soon.


Korean people also shows a cooperative attitude. They always put on facial masks and wash their hands thoroughly preventing from both infections and spread of the virus. And they are about to stay home and work remotely, if applicable. One thing I would like to ask you is to be used to putting a facial mask. It doesn’t seem to be familiar with it in Europe countries even in plague issue. Above all, washing hands with soaps are most crucial, though.



Hope you’re having a great time full of health and happiness. It is a disaster like a horror film. it is now 24 days that we have been stuck at home for. We lost our uncle’s wife ; she was buried strangely in a 4-meter hole with other people. They put lime in the grave. Pl just stay at home pl. 

We have stress either to get sick or lose any of our loved ones.



I have two daughters (21 and 23). Now the youngest is assisting to her university lessons online and the oldest has been sent home to work online too. My husband is also a freelancer, so we are all home. As for my professional routine, I have noticed that I have reduced quite a lot my daily input, so I am worried for this. My advice is to keep calm and do as you are told by the health authorities. As you say, let’s hope everything gets back to normal soon.


Your care for us is really so sweet.

In my case, nothing has changed, really. I’ve always worked from home, so the “change to remote work” has not been a change for me. The amount and subject of the texts I’ve been doing hasn’t changed much either…

But I am always glad to collaborate with you, so if you ever need me for anything, I’ll be here as always.

I hope you are also doing well and keeping safe.


You are the first client asking how I am feeling about the Coronavirus situation.

Here in Zaragoza (and everywhere) people are kind of scared, but I don’t feel the same. 

I am taking precautions but nothing crazy.

Regarding translations, I don’t see any change in my activity as I am working from home 🙂

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